The Great Net Book of Real Heroes
Site Design Guidelines

Most of these guidelines exists to ensure maximum compatibility with ALL web browsers (after all, the whole point of putting information on the World Wide Web is for it to be accessible by as many people as possible - this includes those folks whote AREN'T using the laster and great version of <fill in popular browser name here>).

  1. All html pages will conform to the World Wide Web consortium's HTML 3.2 standard (4.x adds many new and interesting features, but none that are vital to basic readability. In addition, there are still web browsers in widespread use that do not support 4.x).
  2. No frames. Aside from the fact that there are still commonly used browsers that do not support frames, even amongst those that do no two browsers seem to support them exactly the same. So, while you may have gotten here as part of some other site's frameset, The Great Net Book of Real Heroes itself will not employ any frames.
  3. Minimal use of graphics. Images slow down page download and not everyone has a highspeed internet connection.
  4. Zero dependancy on graphics. Not all web browsers in use today display images, therefore even pages that have images in them should still be able to be viewed properly without them. This means that the image should always have a meaninglful ALT tab in it, and should not be an integral part of understanding the contents of the page.
  5. The closest thing existing to a universal file format is 7-bit ascii text. To this end, the primary format for all character sheets will remain 7-bit ascii text files. The insures that printing and manipulating the files is as easy as we can make it.