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Val  Char   Cost
Characteristics Cost:

Cost   Power END
   plus : [Notes: ] 
Powers Cost:

Cost   Martial Arts Maneuver
   [Notes: ] 
Martial Arts Cost:

Cost   Skill
   [Notes: ] 
Skills Cost:

Cost   Perk
   [Notes: ] 
Perks Cost:

Cost   Talent
   [Notes: ] 
Talents Cost:

Cost   Equipment (Equipment Costs do not actually figure in Total Cost. They are included here for reference only.) END
   : [Notes: ] 

Total Character Cost:

Val   Disadvantages
   [Notes: ] 

Disadvantage Points:

Height:     Weight:
Eye Color:     Hair Color:




Campaign Use:







Base Points:
Experience Required:
Total Experience Available:
Experience Unspent: