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Cardboard Heroes

This page is provided as a service to the roleplaying gamer community. I made these files for my own use, figured that other people might have a use for them, and created this page to put them online.

Special thanks to John Desmarais for his assistance in preparing these. You can get lots of great Champions stuff (including two sets of Superman Cardboard Heroes) on his website at

Please don't link to these files. Feel free to download yourself copies of these, but if you want to share them with your friends, please send them the file, not the URL. Thanks.

Please also note that these are not official Cardboard Heroes. I made them myself with an image editor and oodles of spare time. They are BY NO MEANS a substitute for any company's professionally made cardboard standups, and are NOT meant to be in competition with them. Also note that each of these files is 300k+ in size and thus a lengthy download.

Incidentally, these files are intended to be comprehensive wherever possible, and may thus contain implied spoilers. You've been warned.

AD&D Files

The following files are tied very closely to AD&D game worlds or game systems, and can't be easily converted. Ergo, I'm putting them here. Everything in these files that does not already belong to another copyright holder is hereby placed in the public domain.

Breath of Fire III Guardians in AD&D

Credits Dept.

Zena's Dreams Graphics