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Archetype Family: Rogue
Title: Acrobat
Somewhere between rogue and street-performer we have this bouncing twit.
Typical Goals and Motivations: Making money, entertaining the masses, and staying out of trouble.
Typical Abilities: High DEX and PRE make the acrobat good at what he does and makes sure he looks good while doing it. PRE based skills like Acting and Oratory give the acrobat good sideline abilities to enhance his acrobatics.
Suggested Disadvantages: Negative Psychological limitations like Greedy and Showy, plus Hunteds by authority figures and Reputations.
Roleplaying Tips: The typical acrobat is an entertainer, not really much of an adventurer; thus normally making a poor adventurer, fortunately his abilities easily lend themselves to other, less savory, pursuits.

Skills and Talents


Fam w/ Common Melee Weapons 2
Acrobatics 3
Breakfall 3
Climbing 3
Contortionist 3
Slight of Hand 3
Choose two from the following list: High Society, Streetwise, Gambling, Seduction, Oratory, Concealment, Acting 6
Package Bonus -3
Watched by City Guard, More Powerful (NCI), 8- -10 Reputation 8- -10

Package Cost


Originally presented in Adventures Club #23.


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