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Archetype Family: Rogue
Title: Assassin
I think the name pretty well describes what this archetype is. The assassin is the hunter, the trained killer (or, perhaps the ninja).
Typical Goals and Motivations: The assassin generally breaks down into three motivations: greed, money made from assassination payment; killing for the sake of long term revenge; or killing based upon some odd code of honor.
Typical Abilities: A high DEX appropriate skills make the assassin sneaky and knowledge skills of poisons and other misc assassination techniques are useful as are good weapon skills. Language skills, and Area Knowledge skills can help as the assassin may have to do extensive travelling.
Suggested Disadvantages: Reputations, Hunteds by authorities or associates of victims, Rivalries with other assassins.
Roleplaying Tips: Review closely the Goals and Motivations, greed will not prove conducive towards party harmony, vengeance or an odd code of honor work into a party better. Another option is to play the retired/reformed assassin, thus rationalizing the skill and abilities.

Skills and Talents


Fam w/ Common Melee Weapons 2
Fam w/ weapon (weapon of choice for assassinations) 1
+1 w/ weapon of choise for assassinations 2
KS: General Assassination Techniques 2
KS: Specific Assassination Technique of choice 2
Shadowing 3
Disguise 3
Choose three from the following list: Streetwise, Riding, Paramedics, Survival, Stealth, +1 to PER, Tracking, Mimicry, Climbing, Breakfall, Concealment, 9
Package Bonus -3
Reputation, extreme, 8- -10
Rivalry, other assassin -5

Package Cost


Originally presented in Adventures Club #23.


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