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Knight Templar

Archetype Family: Priest
Title: Knight Templar
These priests are members of a militaristic order, similar in concept to the order established among the Crusaders early in the 12th century.
Typical Goals and Motivations: Primary goal is to protect the weak and down-trodden as well as serving as protectors of their church. They will also serve as the strong arm to destroy opposing factions. Knight Templars may also serve as commanders of secular troops in wartime for the side supported by their church.
Typical Abilities: Templars are going to be above average on most stats as they are trained by the church as combatants (meaning good STR, DEX, PD, and SPD) as well as trained to be leaders (high PRE) and well versed in tactics and other scholarly pursuits useful to there goal (good INT).
The Templar will have a well rounded group of combat skills as well as the usual knowledge skills of his god, plus knowledge of rival gods, their followers, and church principles.
If they use magic they will tend to concentrate on spells geared towards battle, warfare, and the like.
Suggested Disadvantages: Psychological Limitations like Devoted to faith and codes of honor; Hunted or Watched by rival temples (or gods even); Distinctive features and Reputations; and DNPCs (junior acolytes and trainees).
Roleplaying Tips: The Templar lives and dies by his faith and are much more driven the need to do right then the need to convert the heathen masses.

Skills and Talents


Fam w/ Common Melee Weapons 2
Fam w/ Common Missile Weapons 2
Riding 3
+1 with Weapon Group 3
KS: Code of Honour 2
KS: Religious Dogma 2
Oratory 3
Persuasion 3
Tactics 3
Perl: Priest 3
Chose two from: Bureaucratics, Conversation, High Society, Interrogation, Paramedics, Survival 6
Package Bonus -3
Hunted by rival temple: More Powerful (NCI), limited geographical area, 11- -20

Package Cost


Originally presented in Adventures Club #23.


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