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The strong arm of the law, the flatfoot, the bobby, the police detecive, all names synonymous with police.

Typical Goals and Motivations: Serve the public interest, protect the common good. (Punish the guilty, keep the innocent afraid).
Typical Abilities: A good policeman should be intelligent, have good reflexes, know how to handle himself in any situation.
Suggested Disadvantages: First consideration should always be the protection of others, although as you get inot a time from closer to today you find it far more likely the the interest is the enforecement of the laws; both provide good psychological limitations. Hunted by crimminal elements, and watched by superiors also work in well.
Roleplaying Tips: To work well as a player character the policeman should should remember that although he has the force of a badge behind him, his job is to protect and serve. A cop with an attitude in a game will tend to have a short life.

Skills and Talents


Combat Driving 3
Criminology 3
Deduction 3
Streetwise 3
Fam w/ Forensic Medicine 8- 1
KS: Police procedures 11- 2
KS: Criminal Law 11- 2
WF: Small arms 2
Perk: Local Police powers 2
AK: Area of jurisdiction11- 2
Package Bonus -3
Hunted: Local Criminal Element 8- -15

Package Cost


This archetype represents a standard career/job that can be found in a modern setting. It was deliberately made slightly generic so that it can be easily modified to cover a wide range of times, from Victorian to near future.

Modern and semi-modern settings games can take many forms from Horror to Pulp Science Fiction to Mysteries to Spy-vs-Spy (thank you Mad Magazine). The old Danger International and Justice Inc. games from Hero Games covered these genres very well, as well as games like Chaosium Inc's Call of Cthulhu and several of Steve Jackson Game's GURPs supplements.


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