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The clergy of any church (priest, rabbi, minister, whatever). Time frame doesn't matter with the modern priest archetype, they haven't changed much in the last 100 years. The important thing is the genre of the campaign, is there anything for the priest to do? This is the question you have to ask before you build a character around this archetype. This is a large package as the priest proved to be a large area to cover to get most of what was covered in seminary.

Typical Goals and Motivations: Seeing to the spiritual needs of the people. In a horros campiagn the priest suddenly becomes very useful as specialists in occult matters (and the eliminating of occult matters).
Typical Abilities: High INT, EGO, and PRE as well as religious knowledge skills. For game purposes knowledge skills in occult matters also come in useful.
Suggested Disadvantages: Psych lims: devoted to priciples of church, protective of his "flock", or may have certain vows to the church that would be reflected as psych lims.
Roleplaying Tips: Unlike the priest from a fantasy game the "real" priest is a difficult chraracter to play if you can't force the proper mind set. Duty to church is your code of honor, helping other to "see the light" is your responsibility, and assisiting the needy is your code of conduct.

Skills and Talents


Oratory 3
Persuasion 3
Conversation 3
High Society 3
Perk: Right to marry 1
Perk: Licensed Clergyman 1
PS: Councellor (11-) 2
Contact: Hirerarchy of Church (11-) 2
Scholar 3
KS: Religious procedures (11-) 1
KS: Religious Dogma (11-) 1
KS: Theology (11-) 1
KS: Psychology (11-) 1
KS: Specific Relgious Knowledge (11-) 1
KS: Specific Secular Scholarly pursuit (11-) 1
Package Bonus -3
Psych Lim: Devoted to teachings of religion -20

Package Cost


This archetype represents a standard career/job that can be found in a modern setting. It was deliberately made slightly generic so that it can be easily modified to cover a wide range of times, from Victorian to near future.

Modern and semi-modern settings games can take many forms from Horror to Pulp Science Fiction to Mysteries to Spy-vs-Spy (thank you Mad Magazine). The old Danger International and Justice Inc. games from Hero Games covered these genres very well, as well as games like Chaosium Inc's Call of Cthulhu and several of Steve Jackson Game's GURPs supplements.


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