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The true scholar, probably a teacher or retired teacher, dedicated to knowledge above all else.

Typical Goals and Motivations: The furthering of their own addiction, the need to know. Knowledge is the most important thing, knowledge for the sake of knowledge.
Typical Abilities: Scholar (of course) and many, many scholarly pursuits. High INT, and research skills are also useful, as well as language skills (especially ancient languages).
Suggested Disadvantages: They tend to be unobservant, not noticing that which they had no interest in (one might even say absent-minded). Also likely would be rivals (especially fun). Physical is not important, as time spent in excercies was not spent learning.
Roleplaying Tips: At their most fun when appearing the dottering old fool (or young fool), but actually, quite intelligent. Quite fun to play him quiet, gathering information on the side, and then drop the answer to "the problem du jour" in the laps of the other characters while they're looking stupid.

Skills and Talents


Scholar 3
KS: Specific field of research (INT Roll) 2
KS: Specific field of research (INT Roll) 2
KS: Specific field of research (INT Roll) 2
PS: Research / Acedemic 11- 2
Oratory 3
Deduction 3
Crytography 3
Language Skill: (some dead language 2
Contact (someone else in similar field) (8-) 1
Contact (University) (11-) 2
Package Bonus -3
Psych Lim: Oblivious to "unimportant data" -10
Reputation in field(8-) -5

Package Cost


This archetype represents a standard career/job that can be found in a modern setting. It was deliberately made slightly generic so that it can be easily modified to cover a wide range of times, from Victorian to near future.

Modern and semi-modern settings games can take many forms from Horror to Pulp Science Fiction to Mysteries to Spy-vs-Spy (thank you Mad Magazine). The old Danger International and Justice Inc. games from Hero Games covered these genres very well, as well as games like Chaosium Inc's Call of Cthulhu and several of Steve Jackson Game's GURPs supplements.


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