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The rich bitch, the upperclass twit, or the eccentric millionaire. The socialite is money, and let's people know it.

Typical Goals and Motivations: Fun, adventure, something interesting to do after you've done it all. Or perhaps some type of investor looking for something different to invest his resources into.
Typical Abilities: If he's smart, the ability to handle money. For all rich types skills to help them "do society" and the like.
Suggested Disadvantages: A plethora of psych lime come to mind, all of them particularly obnoxious, they proably cam to mind for you as well. Reputations, rivalries, hunteds, and watcheds can all be easily worked in as well.
Roleplaying Tips: This is another archetype just to have fun with. Having no real motivations can be quite freeing sometime. The socialite fits into any time frame with no changes at all.

Skills and Talents


Perk: Wealthy 10
High Society 3
Conversation 3
KS: Who's Who of the uppercrust. (11-) 2
Choose one: Bureaucratics, Riding, Language (3 pts), Seduction, Gambling 3
Package Bonus -2
Reputation 11- -10

Package Cost


This archetype represents a standard career/job that can be found in a modern setting. It was deliberately made slightly generic so that it can be easily modified to cover a wide range of times, from Victorian to near future.

Modern and semi-modern settings games can take many forms from Horror to Pulp Science Fiction to Mysteries to Spy-vs-Spy (thank you Mad Magazine). The old Danger International and Justice Inc. games from Hero Games covered these genres very well, as well as games like Chaosium Inc's Call of Cthulhu and several of Steve Jackson Game's GURPs supplements.


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