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Archetype Family: Rogue
Title: Specialist
The Specialist is an expert on thieves of all types and how to keep them from affecting the lives of other people, usually people who hire the Specialist to make something thief proof. They are also useful in the hunting down of thieves. (Basically, a rational to have a variety of thieving skills while not being a thief)
Typical Goals and Motivations: The typical goal is to make a living by being a security specialist, being paid to set up security systems. The specialist could also be someone who has dedicated themselves to tracking down a thief.
Typical Abilities: All of the standard thief like abilities apply strongly to the Specialist as he must understand the ways of the thief. In general though, the specialist need not be a particularly good combatant as very little of what they do has little or nothing to do with fighting. In a light, semi-humorous campaign Luck is fun, offsetting Unluck, making the specialist a bit of a karmic crap-shoot.
Suggested Disadvantages: Psychological Limitations like Temptation to Steal, Reputations, Hunteds by thieves and thief guilds, DNPCs work well as it's quite conceivable for the specialist to be set in town and a family man, as well as Rivalries with other security specialists trying to get the same jobs. In a light, semi-humorous campaign Unluck is fun, making him a bit of a magnet for trouble.
Roleplaying Tips: As a PC the Specialist works well played almost any way. He will have an array of skills that a party would find useful and can have any personality type desired.

Skills and Talents


Fam w/ Common Melee Weapons 2
Bugging (Eavesdropping) 3
Lockpicking 3
Security Systems 3
Concealment 3
Stealth 3
Choose two from the following list: Mechanics, Disguise (primarily to disguise traps), Professional Skill: Locksmith, Inventor, Climbing 6
Package Bonus -3
Reputation 8- -5
Psych Lim: Temptation to be a thief -10

Package Cost


Originally presented in Adventures Club #23.


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