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Archetype Family: Rogue
Title: Spy
The gatherers of information, common informant, eavesdroppers, always looking for any saleable information. May be employed by guilds, corporations, governments, people of rank, and a wide array of others.
Typical Goals and Motivations: Supplying information to interested parties for a price is the primary goal of the spy. Either working as a freelance or under contract to someone in particular (like a government) the spy is the best there is at gathering data.
Typical Abilities: Sneakiness and intelligence are very important for the spy, thus high DEX and INT are a necessity to the spy, as are a wide array of intelligence gathering skills (bugging, bureaucratics, bribery, conversation, interrogation, seduction,...). Also useful are lipreading as well as a wide array of languages.
Suggested Disadvantages: Very few suggested disadvantages come to mind, rivalries with other spies, hunteds by counter-intelligence types, and secret ID.
Roleplaying Tips: In many ways the spy will play like a kinder and gentler version of the assassin. Fits easily into most adventuring scenarios (excluding the hack-n-slash variety). The spy should be played as a somewhat mysterious figure, perhaps even as a romantic.

Skills and Talents


Fam w/ Common Melee Weapons 2
Disguise 3
Choose one: Streetwise or High Society 3
+1 to all PERception Rolls 3
Literate 1
Concealment 3
Shadowing 3
Choose two from the following list: Streetwise, High Society, Stealth, Forgery, Lip Reading, Climbing, Language (3 pts), Cryptography 6
Package Bonus -3
Secret ID -15

Package Cost


Originally presented in Adventures Club #23.


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