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This archetype is just what it sounds like. A typical student, probably in a local university in the town the game is set in, or studying privately with a professor or scientist or something else; but a student just the same.

Typical Goals and Motivations: Learning, proably to get a job in a field of his choosing, or maybe an old coot in training. Conversely, the student may just be useing academics to achive some ulterior motive, like getting to a particular teacher or student.
Typical Abilities: Like a scaled down version of the Professor: research skills, high INT, and other like abilities. Also likely: cooking, gambling, power drinking, projectile vomiting, skating on your head, climbing campus building walls, and seductio
Suggested Disadvantages: Poorer than dirt is common for students, and lazy, petulant, impulsive, and immature. They may also be watched by parents, or even worse, by some grant or scholorship board. For more disadvantage suggestions read the list of typical abilities.
Roleplaying Tips: In all likelyhood, be yourself (hah!). Failing that, look at some movie about student geniuses (or sub-geniuses) and pick one you like.

Skills and Talents


Choose one: Scientist, Scholar 3
KS/SS: Specific field of study (11-) 1
KS/SS: Specific field of study (11-) 1
KS/SS: Non related field of study (11-) 1
Contact: Teacher (8-) 1
AK: School Campus Grounds (11-) 2
AK: Hometown (11-) 2
Package Bonus -2
Psych Lim: Not as smart as he thinks he is -5

Package Cost


This archetype represents a standard career/job that can be found in a modern setting. It was deliberately made slightly generic so that it can be easily modified to cover a wide range of times, from Victorian to near future.

Modern and semi-modern settings games can take many forms from Horror to Pulp Science Fiction to Mysteries to Spy-vs-Spy (thank you Mad Magazine). The old Danger International and Justice Inc. games from Hero Games covered these genres very well, as well as games like Chaosium Inc's Call of Cthulhu and several of Steve Jackson Game's GURPs supplements.


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