Giant [Ph]

Frequent, Greatly: 15 Points

A character with this Physical Limit is dramatically taller than a normal person without actually having the Growth power. The character is at least 6'5" tall. In addition, the character probably weighs in excess of 250 pounds, even if not massively built or obese.

Though most people who qualify as giants are physically imposing and capable of incredible feats of strength, they also have low stamina and often suffer incredible health problems. The most common problems are arthritis and heart disease, even when they try to keep themselves in shape.

In addition, a Giant find it difficult buying clothing, finding beds which are not too short, finding cars that don't close in on them, and even buying plane tickets. As such, being a Giant is expensive. Lastly, a true Giant usually eats more than a normal person, even if he is not overweight.

Gimp Leg [Ph]

Frequent, Slightly: 10 Points
Frequent, Greatly: 15 Points

A character with a Gimp Leg has some impaired mobility with one of his legs. The specific reason for this is up to the player (some possible examples are damaged knees, one leg being shorter than the other, a malformed foot, etc.).

At Frequently, Slightly the character suffers a -2" penalty to his Running rate, and suffers a -1 penalty to his DCV. At Frequently, Greatly the character suffers a -4" penalty to his Running rate, is at -2 DCV, and cannot ever use any martial kick maneuvers.

Glories In Destruction [Ps]

Common, Strong: 15 Points
Common, Total: 20 Points

A character who Glories In Destruction enjoys breaking things and hurting people. They gain an emotional rush from destroying property and causing injury. They are not necessarily killers, but are not adverse to killing people, either.

At Common, Strong the character must make an Ego roll to avoid using their powers to destroy when given a chance. At Common, Total the character cannot do so except under the most dire of circumstances.

This Psych Limit is only appropriate for villains.

Glory Hound [Ps]

Common, Total: 20 Points

A Glory Hound cannot resist putting himself in the spotlight. He insists on taking the greatest risks, creating complex plans that prominantly feature himself as the center of the action, will always pose for photos and sign autographs, and will stick around after the villains are caught on the off-chance that a reporter will want to talk to him.

This Psych Limit is sort of an advanced form of Overconfidence. A character should not be allowed to take both.

Glutton [Ps]

Uncommon, Moderate: 5 Points
Uncommon, Strong: 10 Points

A Glutton is someone who is overly fond of food and drink. Given the chance, the character will eat until he is stuffed. He will have "snack foods" tucked away in convenient locations, and is most likely overweight.

A character taking this Psych Limit at Uncommon, Moderate can pass on food or drink when the situation requires. Taking it as Uncommon, Strong requires an Ego roll to do so.

In general, characters with this Psych Limit have always been portrayed as messy, disgusting, morbidly obese slobs who one would not want to be close to for any length of time. Note that this is not necessarily the case with all characters.

This is not a terrible weakness, but it is an obvious one.

Greedy [Ps]

Common, Moderate: 10 Points
Common, Strong: 15 Points
Common, Total: 20 Points

A character with this Psych Limit lusts after wealth. Such a character is willing to do almost anything to increase his own net worth. "Secondary" considerations such as loved ones and friends don't necessary matter next to the ultimate goal.

A character taking this limitation at Common, Moderate is able to control his urges, and will not attempt to profit from the misery of others, or toss people aside in his pursuit of wealth. A character at Common, Strong must make an Ego roll to do the same. A character whose greed is Common, Total couldn't care less who he hurts on his way to the top of the financial heap.

A variation on Greedy is a Psych Limit that could possibly be called Retirement Plan Greed. A character with this form of greed has a specific financial goal in mind. Once that goal is reached, he plans to retire from what he is doing and live the good life. His concern over money will end after that goal is reached, but until then, he will take any job or go after any payoff if it will help him reach his goal. This form of Greedy should only be taken at Common, Moderate.

Greedy characters at Common, Strong must make an Ego roll in order to resist taking a bribe. The GM is free to assign bonuses or penalties to this roll depending on circumstance and the amount of the bribe (for example, a $20 dollar bribe won't really tempt a man who already is worth over $1 million).

Grim and Humorless [Ps]

Common, Strong: 15 Points
Common, Total: 20 Points

A character with this Psych Limit never sees humor in anything. This is not the same as No Sense of Humor. A character with that Psych Limit just doesn't get it. A character who is Grim and Humorless gets the joke; he simply feels that this is no laughing matter, that he has better things to do with his time than waste it making lame attempts at humor, and that so do you, so get on with it already.

In addition to humor, the character feels that he has better things to do than indulge in any sort of frivalous behavior at all, such as any activity in which sentiment is expressed.

At Common, Strong the character must make an Ego roll in order to have anything vaguely like an appropriate reaction to humor. At Common, Total, the character never laughs, or even smiles, regardless of what is going on.

Gullible [Ps]

Common, Strong: 15 Points
Common, Total: 20 Points

A character with this Psych Limit tends to believe everything he is told. Such a character is easily tricked, and usually easily taken advantage of. Of course, the real disadvantage to this Psych Limit is that no matter how many times the character is taken in, he never seems to learn.

At Common, Strong, an Ego roll is necessary for the character not to believe what he is told. This roll should be made only in a situation where the player feels that what the character is being told is untrue or is designed to trick the character. If the roll fails, the character believes it anyway. At Common, Total, there is no roll except when what the Gullible character is being told is patently and obviously nonsense.

Gunslinger Mentality [Ps]

Common, Strong: 15 Points

This Psych Limit is only appropriate for characters who have a reputation as great fighters. The character who has a Gunslinger Mentality feels compelled to challenge any other renown fighter to a duel (not necessarily to the death) to see which one of you is the better figher.

If the other fighter refuses, the "gunslinger" will do almost anything short of engaging in physical violence (and some less ethical "gunslinger" types won't stop at that) to goad the other into fighting.