Hair-Trigger Temper [Ps]

Common, Moderate: 10 Points
Common, Strong: 15 Points
Common, Total: 20 Points

A character with this Psych Limit gets angry at the drop of a hat. The slightest irritation sets him off into a rage. Such a character tensa to get into fights easily, is never happy with his lot in life, rarely has successful relationships, and never has any true friends.

At Common, Moderate, the character can suppress his anger enough to get along peaceably with others, no matter how maddening he finds them. At common, Strong, the character must make an Ego roll in order to do so. At Common, Total the character cannot interact peaceably with those who make interfere with him except under the direst of circumstances.

Hard Of Hearing [Ph]

Frequent, Slightly: 10 Points

A character who is Hard Of Hearing has suffered some sort of hearing loss. He can hear, as long as the source of the sound is loud enough or close enough. Otherwise, all Hearing Perception rolls are at a -3 penalty.

Harmed by "Special Green Glowing Rocks" [Su]

Uncommon, Every Phase, 3d6 Damage: 25 Points

The character takes damage from the green glowing fragments of his former home planet, even though no one else on Earth does.

This disadvantage is really only added to the list to give a familiar example of the Susceptibility Disadvantage.

Has Complete Trust In (Other Character) [Ps]

Common, Total: 20 Points

A character with this Psych Limit trusts another character enough to put his life in the other's hands. He willingly and commonly confides in the other, believes the other will never betray him, and can put himself in danger knowing that the other character will back him up. The character will never, ever have the slightest doubt about the other character, even if show evidence that a betrayal of some kind has taken place. (The character will rationalize the evidence away.)

Whether or not the other character is worthy of that trust is not up to the player.

Hates (Group, Person, Object, Nation, or Concept) [Ps]

Uncommon, Total: 15 Points
Common, Total: 20 Points
Very Common, Total: 25 Points

For a character with this disadvantage, there is something for which he feels the utmost hostility and contempt. In general, a character who hates something will take active steps to avoid the object of his hatred, and will never voluntarily enter into a situation where they can't do so. If absolutely forced to deal with the object of their hatred, the character will do so under protest, and very much unwillingly.

The object of the hatred could be almost anything: a specific person, a type of character, big business, a type of behavior, having to perform a specific task, etc. The possibilities are literally endless.

The different levels of frequency depends on how often the character will come into contact with the object of his hatred.

This Psych Limit should not be used to represent Prejudice or Racism.

Headstrong [Ps]

Very Common, Moderate: 15 Points
Very Common, Strong: 20 Points
Very Common, Total: 25 Points

A character with this Psych Limit is stubbornly bent on having his own way. Once the character decides on a course of action, he sticks to it regardless of what anyone else does or says. While he won't insist on ridiculous courses of action, if his idea makes any sort of sense at all, he will want to follow it, regardless.

The character will follow the plans and ideas of others, but if such plans contradict his own will gripe the entire way. Refusal to follow the plans in contradiction to his own would be Headstrong and Impulsive, at the same point totals. In this case, the character proceeds on his own way, regardless of what others say and do.

At Moderate strength, the character can give up his own plan or idea in favor of someone else's when necessary. At Strong, the character must make an Ego roll in order to do so. At Total, the character cannot do so except in the most dire of circumstances.

Hedonist [Ps]

Common, Strong: 15 Points

A Hedonist believes that pleasure is the only proper goal of moral endeavor. Their credo is "If it feels good, do it". This character indulges in his own choice of vices, and is willing to try other people's vices as well.

The character may have other Psych Limits which put limits on how far he will go in the pursuit of pleasure.

In order to suppress his urge to pursue pleasure in all of its forms, the character must make an Ego roll.

Hemophiliac [Ph]

Infrequent, Greatly: 10 Points

A character with this Physical Limitation has no clotting agents in his blood. If the character takes even 1 point of Body damage (for whatever reason), he immediately starts to bleed to death. The character loses 1 point of Body every turn thereafter until he is given medical attention to stop the bleeding.

In today's modern world, Hemophiliacs regularly take medication which builds up artificial clotting agents in their blood. If the campaign is taking place prior to the 1960's, these artificial clotting agents are not available, and the disadvantage would be worth more points.

Hesitates In Combat [Ps]

Common, Strong: 15 Points

A character who Hesitates In Combat has to think about what he's going to do in a fight before he actually does it. This is not the same as Confused In Combat, as the character may be able to follow a battle plan, or formulate one himself, perfectly. However, he unconsciously takes the time to actually think about what he's about to do instead of just going ahead and doing it.

The character always acts last in any given combat phase, and even then can only make half moves. The character can force himself to act without thinking about it with an Ego roll; in this case, the character can make a full move.

Highly Competitive [Ps]

Common, Moderate: 10 Points
Common, Strong: 15 Points
Common, Total: 20 Points
Very Common, Moderate: 15 Points
Very Common, Strong: 20 Points
Very Common, Total: 25 Points

A character with this Psych Limit strives to win any contest he is in, regardless of the nature of the contest, and regardless of whether or not he has any chance of winning the contest. This is not the same as Cannot Turn Down A Challenge; a character with this Psych Limit is able to choose not to enter the contest in the first place. Once he's in it, however, he's in it to win.

The frequency of the disadvantage indicates what the character considers a contest. At Common, the character becomes competitive in only the "normally obvious" competitive situations. At Very Common, the character becomes competitive in any situation that could possibly be called a contest.

Holds "Mortals" In Contempt [Ps]

Common, Strong: 15 Points

This is another Psych Limit that is only really appropriate to a villain, and only when the character in question is immortal, is phenomenally powerful (in the Mechanon/Doctor Destroyer range), or otherwise feels he has some form of supernatural birthright. Because of this, the character believes himself to be superior to "mere mortals" whose weakness and inferiority he considers to be an offensive fact of life.

A character who has this Psych Limit as Common, Moderate should take Arrogant instead.

Holds Society In Contempt [Ps]

Common, Strong: 15 Points

This Psych Limit represents a character who cares little (if at all) for societies rules. He doesn't like the establishment, and has no respect at all for traditional authority figures (even if such attitudes get him into trouble). The character will verbally or physically assault symbols of such authority, and derides those who don't share his views.

A character with this disadvantage is usually a proponent of ultimate social freedom... as long as he gets to define what "freedom" means.

Homesick For (Home Area) [Ps]

Common, Moderate: 10 Points

This Psych Limit is only appropriate for a character whose permanent residence is not where he is originally from. The character longs to return to his home, but cannot do so easily for one reason or another (which the player should specify). If given a chance to return home, even if temporarily, the character will take it unless it is necessary that he doesn't.

Honesty [Ps]

Very Common, Strong: 20 Points
Very Common, Total: 25

An Honest character obeys the law, doesn't lie, and keeps his word. In addition, he does his best to get others to act in the same way. In an area with little to no law, the character will act as if the laws of his home were in force. He assumes that others around him are honest (but will not necessarily allow those who aren't to take advantage of him... he's Honest, not Naive.

The character may fight (or even start a fight, if he does it legally). He may even kill in a legal duel or in self-defense. Murder is, of course, out of the question.

A character who always tells the truth but doesn't always follow the law should take Truthful instead.

If taken at Very Common, Strong the character must make an Ego roll to do anything that could possibly considered illegal or dishonest. If jailed for a crime you did not commit, but treated fairly and assured of a just trial, he will not even think of an escape attempt.

Hunts (Person or Agency) [Ps]

Uncommon, Strong: 10 Points

For whatever reason, the character is in pursuit of some person or group. Generally, the character is doing so in order to cause some harm to the object of his pursuit, but this is not strictly necessary. The character expends a great deal of energy and time in this pursuit, placing a strain on the rest of his life. Very often a character with this Psych Limit will also have Seeks Revenge.

The character should have some defined emotional reason to be seeking the person or agency to the detriment of their own career or personal life.

Hyperactive [Ps]

Very Common, Moderate: 10 Points
Very Common, Strong: 15 Points

A Hyperactive character is always on the go. He never seems to sit still, and when forced to he fidgets. Not being constantly busy and not being in constant motion is a very uncomfortable situation for the character.

At Common, Moderate, the character can sit still without fidgeting if necessary (even though the sitting still never lasts). At Common, Strong the character must make an Ego roll to be able to sit still without fidgeting (and it would last even less time).