Illiterate [Ph]

Frequent, Greatly: 15 Points

A character with this Physical Limit doesn't know how to read. Books, signs, scrolls, notes, names on maps... all of them are indecipherable to the character. The character may be able to recognize certain common shapes and symbols, however. (For example, the character may be able to recognize a stop sign from its shape and color... and may even be able to recognize the word "stop" when he sees it elsewhere.

Immature [Ps]

Common, Moderate: 10 Points

An Immature character tends to act in a manner totally inappropriate for his age. Childish tantrums, taunting, petty grudges, wild antics, and rampant exuberance are all part and parcel for this Psych Limit.

This disadvantage should never be taken stronger than Common, Moderate; otherwise the character becomes annoying. The character can act mature when necessary.

Impatient And Impulsive [Ps]

Common, Moderate: 10 Points
Common, Strong: 15 Points
Common, Total: 20 Points

A character who is Impatient and Impulsive hates to wait. He tends to do things at the spur of the moment, and never hesitates or shows any sort of sense of timing. He wants what he wants, and he wants it right now, and having to wait only makes him irritated.

In addition, the character often acts without thinking. A plan, to this character, is something that gets in the way. Talking things over before acting is not only boring, but its stupid. He knows what to do, and is going to do it, right now.

At Common, Moderate the character can force himself to avoid acting in this manner when necessary. At Common, Strong the character must make an Ego roll in order to do so. At Common, Total the character cannot do so except in the most extreme of circumstances.

This Psych Limit works well with Headstrong, Stubborn, Young, and Immature.

Impressed With (Focus's) Abilities [Ps]

Common, Strong: 15 Points

Obviously, this Psych Limit is only appropriate for a character for whom at least some of their abilities work through a focus. The character is constantly amazed by what the focus can do. If he designed and built the focus, it works far better than he planned. If he didn't, he can't believe he is lucky enough to be able to use it, and is constantly surprised at what it can do.

In order to act in any way Blase about the focus, the character must make an Ego roll.

Incorruptible [Ps]

Uncommon, Total: 15 Points

This Psych Limit is only appropriate for heroic PCs or NPCS. A character with this Psych Limit is a pillar of moral principle. He would never consider taking a bribe, being influenced by power, or be afraid to carry the fight for justice to the highest levels if need be.

Unfortunately, this disadvantage also means that, on questions of law enforcement and justice, the character never makes compromises. He would never offer a criminal a plea bargain in order to gain information. Anyone who offered him anything that could remotely be considered a "bribe" (regardless of the friendliness and harmlessness of the gesture) would be arrested. He would never look the other way, even if doing so meant stopping a larger evil.

Indiscreet/Gossip [Ps]

Uncommon, Moderate: 5 Points
Uncommon, Strong: 10 Points

A character with this Psych Limit likes to talk about other people. Without really thinking about it, the character will relate to people he talks to the deepest, most embarassing secrets about his friends, comrades, strangers... it doesn't really matter who they are about, he talks about it. This tends to cause other characters to not fully trust the character (or at least edit what they around him).

The character does not do this out of a sense of malice (though this is certainly possible). Rather, as stated above, he doesn't really think about it: he just talks. This is also not to say that the character cannot be trusted with a truly important secret. A person who is a Gossip won't necessarily blab a national security matter to anyone on the street. However, other characters may well think so.

At Uncommon, Moderate the character can resist the urge to spread really juicy news when necessary. At Uncommon, Strong the character cannot do so unless he makes an Ego roll.

Inferiority Complex [Ps]

Very Common, Strong: 20 Points

A character with an Inferiority Complex always assumes that nothing they do is as good, worthwhile, or noticeable as the actions of another person. They may otherwise have a good view of themselves, but feel that when compared to others, they aren't as good as others. They sometimes don't understand why other people think highly of them (but rarely discourage complements... they like hearing them even if they don't believe them).

To repress the urge to depreciate his own contributions, the character must make an Ego roll.

Insatiably Hungry For Power [Ps]

Common, Total: 20 Points

A character who is Insatiably Hungry For Power could be described as "Super-Ambitious". He stops at nothing to increase his power over others. Even if he has reached a high-level of power (such becoming a corporate CEO, President of the United States, Pope, or king of his own nation), he will attempt to gain even more power.

This is the standard Psych Limit for those villains who hold the "I know I am a king but I want to be a god" philosophy. This attitude is a Psych Limit because if the character were to actually become a God, he would still want to become more powerful.

The character cannot pass up a chance to gain personal power if one is presented unless he makes an Ego Roll.

This Psych Limit is only appropriate for villains.

Insomnia [Ph] [Ps]

Frequent, Slightly: 10 Points

A character with Insomnia has trouble falling asleep, and when he does sleep it is usually only for a few hours at a time. This tends to make the character cranky, always tired, and dulls the character's reflexes and thinking. Any Intelligence-based or Dexterity-based skills are performed by the Insomniac character at a -2 penalty. In addition, the character is unable to push any of his abilities.

In general, Insomnia will follow a cycle (for example, the character may have a week of only sleeping three hours a night, followed by a period in which the character sleeps 30 hours straight, followerd by a return to the week at three hours a night). In some cases, however, the character won't sleep at all for a period (usually no more than three days), followed by a period in which the character sleeps for a long time.

Intolerant [Ps]

Uncommon, Moderate: 5 Points
Uncommon, Strong: 10 Points
Common, Moderate: 10 Points
Common, Strong: 15 Points
Very Common, Moderate: 15 Points
Very Common, Strong: 20 Points

This Psych Limit indicates that the character dislikes and distrusts some (or all) people who are different in some way from himself. Applicable differences include skin color, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, or political affiliation; the possible differences are numberless. The exact details are up to the player.

This disadvantage should not be taken at the Total level; Total committment Intolerance should be taken as Prejudice.

A character who is Intolerant treats the object of his intolerance with coldness and hostility. An Ego roll must be made to interact peaceably with them.

It is suggested that player characters not take this stronger than Common, Moderate.

Irrationally Attracted To (Other Person) [Ps]

Uncommon, Strong: 10 Points
Common, Strong: 15 Points
Very Common, Strong: 20 Points

A character with this Psych Limit feels a strange and unexplainable attraction for a person to whom he would otherwise not feel attracted (if the person to which the character is attracted is someone for whom the character would feel attraction normally, use In Love WIth (Other Person) instead).

The reason why the character wouldn't be attracted normally is up to the player. Perhaps the other person is disliked (or even hated) by the character. Perhaps the character is heterosexual, but feels attracted to a person of the same sex. Whatever the case, the object of the attraction is not someone the character would normally consider.

Whatever the specifics, the character can only control his feelings of attraction if he makes an Ego roll. The Frequency of the disadvantage is determined by how often the character encounters the object of his affection.

Is Trying To Buy His Way Into Heaven [Ps]

Uncommon, Strong: 10 Points

This Psych Limit is only appropriate to very religious people. A character with this Psych Limit does good deeds because he believes that this is the way to insure a pleasant afterlife. He is not necessarily a nice guy otherwise; he may be snide, condescending, and even insulting. But he does good deeds on the belief that God expects him to.

This does not stop the character from being rude while "helping" others. In addition, the character may help one charity group, then refuse to give to another because he has already "done what he could" for charities.

This Psych Limit works very well with Arrogant, Cynical and Prejudiced Against People With Different Religious Views Than His.