Jealousy [Ps]

Uncommon, Total: 15 Points

With this Psych Limit, the character has an automatic bad reaction towards anyone who seems smarter, more attractive, more competent, wealthier, or more personable than he is (even if its only in the character's mind). The exact nature of and the exact focus of the character's Jealousy is determined by the player.

A character will resist any suggestion or plan proposed by this "rival". (This Psych Limit does not necessarily require that the character also take the Rival disadvantage, as the person can be jealous of different people at different times, and the person who is the subject of the jealousy does not necessarily consider himself a rival). The "rival" will also be the butt of disparaging remarks made by the character. In some instances, the Jeaslous character will even attempt to sabotage the "rival".