Keeps (Fact About Character) A Secret [Ps]

Uncommon, Moderate: 5 Points
Uncommon, Strong: 10 Points

A character with this Psych Limit has a secret he wants very few (if any) other people to know about. The secret can be about almost anything, but shouldn't be silly. (Silly secrets should be applied using a Quirk rather than this Psych Limit.

The strength of the disadvantage determines who the character might tell, and how often. At Moderate, the character has probably (or will probably) told at least one person, if it was necessary or important at the time. At Strong, the character probably hasn't, and must make an Ego roll in order to do so.

This Psych Limit should not be used to simulate a Secret Identity.

Kleptomania [Ps]

Uncommon, Strong: 10 Points
Uncommon, Total: 15 Points

A character with this Psych Limit feels a compulsion to steal things. He doesn't necessarily feel compelled to steal valuable items, but rather will steal anything he can get away with: keys, pencils, books, candy bars, loose change, etc. He will very rarely steal items he can't fit into his pockets.

If presented with an opportunity to steal something and not get caught, the character will do so. If the disadvantage is taken at Uncommon, Strong, the character can make an Ego roll to suppress this urge.

Know It All [Ps]

Very Common, Strong: 20 Points
Very Common, Total: 25 Points

A Know It All believes that he knows more than you about everything. He doesn't necessarily assume that he is smarter than everyone else, but he acts as if he is, and he most certainly acts as if he knows more than everyone else.

Even in a situation where the character is being shown tangible proof that he is not as knowledgeable than he says he is, he acts in this manner. At Very Common, Strong he must make an Ego roll in order to not act like this. At Very Common, Total he can't do so except in a dire situation.