Quadraplegia [Ph]

All The Time, Fully: 25 Points

A Quadraplegic character has lost the use of his arms and legs for some reason (usually an accident of some kind). The character cannot move anything other than his head of his own accord without assistance. He cannot move on the ground without using a wheelchair or being carried.

A Quadraplegic character is normally incontenent. In addition, his total care is left up to other people: he cannot bathe himself, feed himself, or dress himself. The character automatically suffers the effects of having No Arms and No Legs, and is usually incontenent as well. The player should decide whether the character can still breathe on his own.

Quick To Fall In Love [Ps]

Very Common, Strong: 20 Points

A character with this Psych Limit falls deeply in love easily, after only a short period of time. This is not an instantaneous phenomena; the character must date or otherwise associate with the object of his affections before falling in love. The difference being that a character who is Quick To Fall In Love does so after, say, two weeks of dating, whereas a "normal" character might require six to eight.

Once in love, the character acts as if he has the Loves (Other Character) disadvantage (for no points). In order to resist falling in love, or to "break out of it" after he has fallen in love, the character must make an Ego roll; even then, the experience should be handled through roleplaying, rather than resolved by a simple die roll.

Quick To Resent [Ps]

Common, Strong: 15 Points

A character who is Quick To Resent quickly comes to hate people who, in the character's opinion, treat the character badly. Whether or not these feelings are justified, the character almost feels that certain specific people are out to get him, so he will return the favor.

In order to avoid acting in this manner, the character must make a successful Ego roll.

This Psych Limit works well with Loner, Prone to Violence, and Moody.

Quiet And Withdrawn [Ps]

Common, Moderate: 10 Points
Common, Strong: 15 Points
Common, Total: 20 Points

A character who is Quiet And Withdrawn is easy to overlook; he rarely speaks to others and when he does it is only to answer or ask a direct question. He prefers to be alone, and avoids being the center of attention. This is not the same thing as being Shy or being a Loner. The character can function in the public eye, and can easily associate with others should circumstances warrant. But once the circumstances are over, the character fades back into the woodwork.

At Common, Moderate the character can force himself not to act in this way if necessary. At Common, Strong the character can only do so if he makes an Ego roll. At Common, Total he cannot do so except under the most extreme of circumstances.

This Psych Limit works well with Shy and Loner.

Quirks [Ps]

1 Point Each

Originally used in the GURPS game system, Quirks are little, one-point disadvantages that are intended to add a touch of color to a character. They are basically Psych Limits that aren't worth points because they have almost no long-term affect on the character.

For example, Always Wears A New York Yankees Baseball Cap When In His Civilian Identity or Always Says 'Great Googaly Moogaly' When Surprised Or Troubled would be good Quirks. The best thing about Quirks is that they don't have to be enforced that much. (If the character ditches his Yankees ballcap because he's going to a formal party in a tuxedo, that's fine.)

For GM's familiar with GURPS and Quirks, I highly recommend allowing them into Champions, too. They're fun, as long as you don't let them get too goofy, and they are a great way to pick up one or two disadvantage points that you might need to balance your character.

It is advised, however, that the GM put some limits on how Quirks may be purchased. The most common ways are:

òLimiting the character to five points of Quirks total. (The character may take less than five.)

òRequiring that the character take five points of Quirks, no more no less.

Eating Habits


òCraves red meat

òSweet tooth

òDislikes chocolate

òHates broccoli

òHates onions

òReally likes Ice cream

òUses fork and knife only with his left hand

òLikes tea

òLives on Italian food.

òThinks that any restaurant that you can't wear jeans to isn't worth visiting

òDoesn't drink alcohol

òEthnic diet or religious diet.. Try eating stink fish some time, it can be more than a quirk, and a person who does eat "eskimo" food, can smell different.

òOnly loves one type of food. Such as Pizza and Beer.

òWon't drink booze, but will usually taste any *unknown* substance

òPrefers to eat out every meal

òHates chinese food

òdoesnt like fish

òAlways eats when working, always carry snacks (" This lock is darn tricky- here, I've got it!");

òonly drinks tea

òsucks on lemon-flavored candy; offers some to people upon meeting.

òalways carries an apple

òalways <gulps> beer.

òLikes to suck back a pint of warm lard nightly.

òLooks for worms in all fruit.

òWon't eat red vegetables.

òWon't use artificial sweetener

òCan't eat Bavarian cream pie without saying "Mmmmmm Mmmmmm San Antone"!

òForms dirty words in his alphabet soup.

òEats potato-chip sandwiches (on white bread, yet).

òCuts her dessert in half and pours pepper on one half so she won't eat it all.

òWill wait for a booth at a restaurant rather than sit at a table or counter.

òLikes garlic and puts it in everything.

òDrinks beer with an egg in it

òEats porridge for every meal.

òHates to eat porridge

òDislikes Strong Liquor

òFond of Drink

òStrict carnivore

òLikes to taste new types of food

òEats only rabbit

òRefuses to use his left hand when he eats

òSleeping Habits

òLike to sleep late

òEarly riser

òSleeps in the nude

òSleeps in flannel pajamas

òNeeds soft music in background to get to sleep quickly (probably TL6+)

òLikes to sleep

òWakes at night to check on his equipment/horses/car/starship engines

òAlways sleep with the windows wide open (bad in a horror campaign!).

òSleeps with a teddy bear

òSleeps a lot

òNeeds milk and honey before sleeping

òNeeds a story before sleeping

òHe has nightmares (related to a phobia/mental disadvantages/recent shock)

òBack to the top of the page


òCollects baseball cards

òCollects stamps

òCollects teeth/claws/lock of hair/dna sample from slain opponents.

òCollects a weapon from defeated opponents.

òCollects [fill in the blank].

òCollects Royal Assassins, up to 13 so far.

òCollects firearms

òKeeps a collection of "war trophies" from his/her conquests.


òAlways wears something red [or other color] (a common quirk)

òNever wears anything red [or other color] (another common quirk)

òAlways wears boots

òWears only name brand (expensive) apparel

òShe wear trousers (medieval character)

òCan never find clothes that fit just right

òWears red socks with everything

òWears only gold (or silver or turquoise...) jewelry

òAlways wears a watch

òOnly wears rock band t-shirts

òCan't figure out what color clothing matches

òAlways wears boots

òAlways wears thigh-length boots

òAlways wears shorts, especially in Winter

òAlways wears funny hats - jester hats, cat-in-the-hat hats, pith helmets etc.

òLikes to dress like people half his/her age - "It's hip"

òAlways wears two different colored socks, and type..

òAlways wear his "lucky" jacket (or she wears her lucky jacket).

òLoves jewelry.

òAlways wear a hat, never leaves without it (the Indiana Jones syndrom)

òWear prop glasses, but has 20/20 visions;

òAlways wear cheap clothes/ill-fitting suits/overalls (fun with Status or Wealthy)

òAlways wears as little clothing as possible

òAlways wear tattered clothes (even when he has money for good clothes)

òAlways wear expensive clothes (even when he doesn't really have money for it)

òAlways cowled.

òAlways worried about latest fashions

òAlways wears shirts that reveal buff stomach

òDresses in suits

òHates it when *someone else* wears black

òCan't stand to wear "frilly" clothes.

òRefuses to wear anything "name brand"

òDresses two decades out of style

òBack to the top of the page


òFan of the Chicago Bulls (another example)

òFan of Jenny Longitude, the Holovid Star (used in a Space campaign)

òThinks college football is the most important sport. Roll tide! (that's me!)

òNever misses an epsiode of "Friends".

òAlways relates things to TV shows, movies, books, or songs.(Pick one or two.)

òQuotes song lyrics (especialy of a particular cult band.)

òFascinated by end-of-the-world novels

òHas a favorite tv/radio show

òRoots for the predators on nature programs

òLoves mysteries.

òLoves the violin.

òA REAL BIG _Village People_ fan

òTrivia student of pop culture

òLoves the Ballet, and traditional dance, but hates to admit it

òGets up early to watch saturday morning cartoons

òLoves to Listen to Music

òLoves Metallica

Money and shopping

òGreatly enjoys free perks (one of my bosses)

òDislikes malls and avoids them whenever possible

òCarries a $100 bill for emergencies (name withheld to protect the individual)

òPrefers small bills

òCarefully checks bills and/or coins for counterfits

òLoves garage sales

òCoupon clipper

òThinks twenty coppers is better than a silver piece any day (for low IQ characters)

òThinks 7 or 8 pennies is better than a dime any day (for low IQ characters)

òPrefers to work for room and board, cause he never misses a meal, but he often misses money...

òWon't carry pennies; will toss them away in streets if he can't spend them

òAlways has to stop and shop, no matter the circumstances. (male or female).

òCarry wad of cash and counts it in public (for Wealthy+ characters);

òHates carrying pennies and will happily toss them in the street.

Physical Quirks
(Anything that makes the character easy to identify in a police line-up is worth a quirk point)

òNoticeable Tattoo of [fill in blank] on [fill in body part]

òNoticeable scar on [fill in body part]

òNoticeable burn scar on [fill in body part]

òPierced [fill in body part] (only allowed if noticeable and uncommon for the character's culture)

òHair dyed [fill in unusual or un-natural color]

òExtremely hairy arms


òNoticeable birthmark

òLooks just like [fill in name of celebrity]

òHis feet are incredibly bad-smelling

òHas allergies. Alot of sneezing on dry days in spring-fall. [To give more depth, give strong allergic reactions to the common nasty ones like nuts, bee stings, strawberries, MSG, cow's milk, etc.]

òHay fever

òAllergic to cats (others)

òGaseous (and no, that doesn't mean transparent or foggy).

òAlways gets a sunburn

òUrinates frequently

òSneezes extra loud

òFoams at the mouth when excited/angry

òThrives in cold weather, hates warm weather. Comfortable in T-shirt and shorts in mid-50s weather; starts sweating when the temperature goes above 75.

òLarge beard and proud of it;

òIncessently cracks knuckles


(If the campaign will involve active use of vehicles, vehicle quirks make sense)

òBumper sticker that says [fill in blank]

òUnique vehicle decorations [give details]

òWon't drive faster than 40 miles per hour

òWon't ride in German cars (concentration camp survivor)

òWill not ride in anything Japanese (or non-american, or non-japanese,or what ever)

òPrefers to steal German cars over all others


òIrish brogue

òAccent [specify type of accent; Note that some accents could cause a social stigma disadvantage in some settings]

òSometimes speaks of self in 3rd person.

òMutters poetry under his breath

òSays "Thwap" when he fires his bow.

òUses big words to impress listeners

òDoesn't talk much; uses short simple words when he does talk.

òTalks very softly, especially when involved in major arguments

òNever uses contractions

òCalls everyone (males and females) "babe"

òRepeatedly states "see, you really get it." when conversing with someone.

òSays "see I always knew this would happen" whenever something weird happens.

òSays "Oh, crap, it's gone south on me." when something bad happens.

òIn conversation, if a word has slipped his mind, he'll stop and think _and not give up_ until he finally recalls the right word.

òPuts hand on your hand/arm/shoulder/leg when talking.

òDistracted easily during conversation.

òOften seems to go out of his way to answer the exact question that was asked of him instead what the questioner obviously meant

òCalls everyone "Darling"-- even close friends

òTells "stories" with no point or conclusion

òArgues points with people who agree with him

òUses lingo coined in books in regular speech (ie "embleer","horrorshow", "grok")

òUses the word "psychic" instead of psychological

òIs fond of malapropisms, or cannot help making them (e.g. psychotic for psychic)

òDrones when she talks

òHates quiet pauses in conversations

òHesitates before speaking; always considers his words first

òNervous laugh before talking

òAlways laughs at his own jokes

òTells dirty jokes, even when not appropriate

òOff-color joker

òMakes goofy tv references for every ocassion

òStutters when excited

òPoor vocabulary, spelling, & grammar

òMakes derogatory comments about people who aren't there

òVoices gets higher when he/she drinks.

òTalks to inantimate objects

òspeaks without an accent

òconstantly interrupts others

òspeaks with poetic flair

òGrunts for "yes", snarls for "no", shrugs for "maybe";


òTalks to himself;

òTalks of objects as if they were people;

òEnds every sentence with the word "dude"

òAlways gives the vaguest possible answer to questions

òAlways speaks at far to high a volume

òConversations always turns to cats

òNever speaks unless spoken to

òAlways answers a question with a question

òAlways complains, starting with "when I was young..."

òAlways talks about his/her lost love

òConstantly tells jokes that aren't funny

òMispronounces names

òCalls all women mother

ò'erm..'s a lot

òAlways speaks about [adj]ness of things (I know a guy who talks about the deadness of stones in a game of go, the buggedness of programs, beautifulness, and whatever else you can think of)

òAlways answers a question with another.

òTells children stories about the "Children Hawk."

òTells people: "I'll learn ya!"

òUses the word "weasel" in conversation far too often.

òRhymes peoples' names: "Well, hello there, Arthur-barthur! Saw Geno-jalapeno the other day, you know."


òCalls anyone yonger than himself "sonny" or "my girl" (best for elderly characters)

òAlways talk of "the good old days" (ditto)

òAlways opens conversation on a new subject with the same phrase ("Funny, I don't know how I got to think of this, but ..")

òSwears at the least opportunity - like when he grabs in the wrong pocket for his wallet etc.

òMispronounces names

òTags -[noun] onto the end of all sentences, i.e.: "thats a rodger, rodger", "come in, bob, rodger" or "I'd like coffe with that, rodger² (works well in fantasy games as well) ie: "I'm from the OhClanahan clan, ahan", "I'll have an ale, ahan", "Watch it, or I'll swat ya with my shileighle, ahan"

òSays "hoo hoo hoo" if poked in the stomach

òSays "Thwap" when he fires his bow.

òhumms heigh-ho heigh-ho whenever he has nothing to say

òAvoids Small Talk

òMutters to himself in Latin

òLikes to spell things backwards to see how they sound

òAlways sarcastic; never says a serious word unless he has to

òSays "no kind of respect" too much


òWill not work after sunset on Friday. (Seventh day adventists for one example.)

òFrequently quotes scripture.

òTithes regulary. (10% of all income might be more than a quirk in some campaigns!)

òInsists on a prayer before every meal. (Not a good quirk if the standard in the society.)

òDoesn't drink alcohol (for religious reasons.)

òCarry bible and hipflask in coat pocket;

òBelieves the Assassins' Guild is a religious organization.

òAttempts to turn every discussion into a religious argument

Nervous Habits

òRarely passes a mirror without checking his/her hair

òScratches his nose

òAlways drumming on things

òFiddles with glasses when talking.

òStrokes head when thinking.

òSmiles nervously when pausing in a conversation.

òRolls eyes when bored or annoyed.

òStretches every time after standing, lifting something, during casual conversation, etc.

òAbsently bounces leg while sitting.

òContantly cracks knuckles, back, and/or joints.

òCombs hand through hair often, especially when nervous.

òPicks scabs.

òBites finger nails

òGratuitously pats other people's necks

òNosepicker (odious personal habit - more points?)

òAlways smooths the wrinkles out of what he/she's wearing

òConstantly tapping fingers or feet

òCalls home all the time to check in

òNervous twitch.

òGrips genitals when nervous

òFidgets with glasses when speaking.

òSmiles and pats his head durring lectures

òChews fingernails

òAlways drums a ruythm with fingers/hands on table/knees/thighs.

òLikes to twiddle his hair

òIs constantly chewing gum.

Other Habits

òAlways carries a water bottle/flask, but hardly ever drinks from it

òLikes to make arcane references

òAlways saying something like "You know, I'm gonna quit this job any day now," but never does

òHugs all his friends.

òChases dogs with electrical appliances.

òAlways has a book under arm or in pocket.

òCarefully opens packages and saves wrapping paper (this is probably rather common in fantasy worlds).

ò*Always* carries an umbrella

òAlways remembers everyone's birthday

òIn spare time, whittles wood/carves small bones;

òBums people for small change, even if there is no real need;

òCarries yo-yo and practices elaborate tricks/juggles/does coin tricks;

òTaunts foes.

òAffects a consumptive cough.

òAlways looks around in a certain particular way.

òFollows orders in letter, not in spirit.

òGrins evilly.

òLaughs evilly.

òCarry a pack of sundry medications for heartburn, stomachache and headaches, and always complain of those selfsame afflictions;

òAlways doublechecks everything;

òPessimist - always assume nothing will work;

òAlways looks around and gawks like a tourist, even in well known places;

òWon't go out without an elaborate hairdo;

òRefuses to let anyone walk behind him/her if possible

òLikes to tie nooses in ropes.

òCan't stop "improving" on a good thing until it becomes a full-blown disaster: "Yeah, three times the speed of light is OK, I guess, but let me bypass the flummery controller......"

òHas to critique everything: "I'd say the battle was a dubious success. Though Rodin fought at nearly his full ability, Shila and Walt seemed to be holding back, possibly doubting their own abilities."


òWrites his name/initials/mark as grafitti everywhere. (mostly harmless, but probably a -15 point disad for a member of the Status

òLaughs to himself at intervals, for no apparant reason.

òAlways identifies himself as "a student", though it's 15 years since he dropped out of university.

òAlways treats members of the opposite sex with courtesy

òSharpens his knife, counting each stroke, for hours.

òTaunts foes.

òDances about falled foes.

òLikes to yell "Splat" when assailants hit the ground

òUsually very happy, smiles a lot

òSquints a lot

òListens to traveler's tales at every opportunity (this explains his approach to PC group)

òTries to impress the local girls

òInspects and comments on horse shoes and other blacksmith work (his father was a blacksmith)

òEnjoys books - Lingers in libraries or book stores

òAlways tries to climb things. (buildings, trees, signs, lampposts, etc.)


òThinks Friday the 13th is his lucky day (that's the day his concentration camp was liberated)

òBelieves in astrology

òBelieves all animals can talk to each other

Mild Mental Disadvantages (Phobias, Manias, Delusions, Ineptitudes, etc.)


òThinks he is a great strategist

òIneptitude for strategy (in the same character)

òThinks mules are faster than horses

òFears to suffocate

òComputer dyslexic

òCan never remember names

òAnnoyed that he's losing his hair.

òLets women walk all over him.

òLoathes confrontation and will do anything to avoid it

òThinks New Year's is on the 4th of July

òHates leaving the house (not a very good one for most PCs)

òTries to make everyone fall in love with her

òWants everyone to be his friend; tries too hard

òSees the world in a negative light

òWorries about making her boyfriend jealous by just saying "Hi" to another guy

òRefers to his black cat as "a matching accessory" at least twice an evening.

òAlways exasperated

ò_Everything's_ a joke

òTakes him/herself very seriously

òBig ego

òHas trouble saying "no"

òThinks he/she can sing

òSings to himself, but can't actually sing, and doesn't know the words

òInsists on discussing things he doesn't know about

òRelates every new experience back to childhood ones, whether or not it's appropriate

òConcerned about going bald

òTakes everything personally

òCan never remember own age

òCan't spell for sh*t

òReads and quotes Dr. Seuss

òFasciated by the Unnatural

òSecretive about Past


òConvinced that cars are "people" too and can talk. They are usually just to shy to respond.

òConsiders himself a ladies man (rarely true, however)

òHolds a grudge

òFancies himself a forgery expert (its untrue)

òBecomes obsessed with whatever mission he is on.

òBelieves magic is the supreme power.

òBelieves purple rays emanate from his eyes.

òBelieves the Soul resides in human blood!

òCouldn't care less about politics.

òDoesn't take no for an answer.

òDrawn to the moon.

òFancies himself a lord.

òHas a certain obsession with spores.

òLikes to torture people.

òLikes to watch torture.

òLusts for an Elvish maiden.

òObeys all orders unquestioningly.

òObsessed with cavalry tactics.

òPoisons small animals.

òPractices puches and kicks on hanging meat.

òPretentiously spiritual about his sword.

òRespects the Undead!

òSensitive about the appearance of his beard.


òWill not turn his back on a boiling pot.

òMentally types out thoughts with his toes.

òPut things in his pockets and forget them ("What's this? My lunch from last tuesday? So that's where it went!")

òMildly Overconfident

òMildly Paranoid

òShy with Women

òSuspicious of Men


òMildly fanatical about whatever he happens to be doing.

òSomewhat afraid of windows.



òSuspicious of Women

òThinks He's Lucky

òMessing with angels makes you tired, got to rest and pray a bit.

òAsks angels not to drop victims onto houses


òVery panicky

òMild fear of dogs

òThinks beer is inherently magical


òVery Mild Pyromania

òCurious about new insects

òHowls at the moon

òMagalomania with inferiority complex, everyone's a god, and they're all better than you

òhates! petty bickering

òHates Feminists

òThinks he can speak spanish; he can't

òThinks he has a pet wolf (he's not invisible, he's right there!!)

òIs fanatically racist, but won't admit it

òSees Elvis at the gas station at least twice a day

Goals and Self-Improvement

òWants to learn to read

òWishes he could become more zen-like.

òWants to be a pimp someday

òWants to become a bartender someday

òPlans to return home after proving himself

òWants to earn the respect of his [high school, swordsmanship, etc.] teacher

òWants to get enough money to retire comfortably

òWants to find and marry a man who is her equal with a sword

òWants to find and marry a woman who is healthy, beautiful, smart and faithful.

Weapon Related

òNames her/his weapons.

òCalls his halberd "Hal"

òRed fletching is his trademark

òDoesn't like fine weapons. (Sells it if he gets one.)

òConceals minimum of x knifes/guns/small weapons on his person; carries them at all times.

òCollects weapons of fallen foes.

òHas memorized the statistics for most 20th century guns.

òWants to handle new weapons that he sees.

òPrefers to use a crowbar as his weapon of choice. (The character was named "Thud".)

Miscellaneous (no categories -- yet)

òListens to organ music on the stereo while he/she vacuums the house

òLoves the sea and the ships

òWalks very fast (a 4'10 tall 150 lbs character)

òPrefers the Pru to the Hancock. (For you fellow Bostonians)

òSpends most of his work day frittering away time on the Net.

òEnjoys being left alone (gotta have common quirks too! :-)

òEnjoys thunderstorms, and finds them quite relaxing.

òIs consistently two to three hours late anyway

òWalks with an unusually quick pace. Once, after breaking his toe,

òdiscovered that he could _hobble_ faster than most people walked.

òRefuses to delete the body of long posts when replying

òEasily confused by game rules

òMakes up characters who can't work with the party

òCan't say no to players who make up characters that can't work with the party

òTalk to people in other states or countries via the internet more than to people he sees face-to-face

òWon't see movies that were entirely plotted out in the preview, unless they're not going to be really plot-heavy anyway

òPerfectly groomed nails

òCalm under pressure

òHas a unexplained dislike for a particular organization. Not quite a prejudice, just not-explained.

òI can run down a list, but, I might dup something..

òLikes building elaborate dwellings underground via earth spells :)

òLikes to help underdogs

òLoves Potions and unknown liquids in flasks

òAlternately Callous then Tender

òLikes the cold

òLikes to befriend children

òLikes to play matchmaker

òLoves doing yard work

òPrefers moonless nights

òAdmires professionalism

òThinks americans are lazy dogs

òLoves heights but cant climb

òBelieves he is smarter than the average bear

òPrefers to be called by last name

òLikes to pretend to be lost

òLikes to sneak up on people

òLikes to be a mount for others when in tiger form

òLikes to associate with mages .... the sillier the better

òAlways trying to set up his own private deal

òResents being confused with Michaelites

òTries to determine origins via accents

òConsiders horses superior to commoners

òAlways sucks on this huge smokepipe and use it to point at things;

òCarries extraneous amount of ID on his person - old credit cards, library cards, fan club cards...

òOften tries to open "push" door by pulling, and vice-versa;

òSmiles when angry or annoyed (a great characterization);

òAlways quotes some obscure personnage (great if you run off at the mouth when you roleplay).

òAlways, always exceedingly polite and formal in all dealings and situation ("I'm afraid you will have to remove yourself from the premisse, sir, for if not I will threaten you with bodily harm.");

òHas this huge watch; always check what time is it;

òSmokes only particularly foul cigars, or drinks only this one brand of cheap whisky - and enjoys it;

òLikes to smoke a pipe.

òOnly wears black (or other color) clothes

òLikes to run a little, instead of walk normally

òAlways carries ground glass.

òAlways goes for leg shots: likes to watch 'em limp!

òAlways wears heavy armour.

òAspires to be eternally young.

òCarries a sap, knife and garotte he has no skill with.

òHas little use for honour codes.

òHates civilization.

òHates puns.

òKicks dogs.


òMakes small-talk with foes in battle.

òMatter-of-fact about everything.

òNominal Satanist.


òSmiles like a goon all of the time.



òStares obsessively at hooks and spikes.

òTakes a good sniff of his boot from time to time.

òTotal atheist.

òLikes signing name

òWon't travel without going to the bathroom first

òThinks that New Year's falls on July 4th.

òSmokes cigarettes backwards (lit part resting on tongue).

òEXTREMELY brand name conscious.

òActively hates fads.

òMorbid sense of humor.


òQuo police force in a time travel campaign)

òFickle about his health - always worrying wether he has dressed warm enough etc.

òEnjoys sent of own armpit.

òHis shield is solid red.

òFond of cats

òLikes blood

òLikes to punch things

òDislikes mages

òEnjoys eye shots

òCombat should always be at 10 yards or more

òUncomfortable around humans

òTries to intimidate people (default skill 5)

òHates being small

òCrafts small trinkets for the ladies in town

òIrritated by children

òDislike of magic

òAlways uses Illusion Disguise; likes to look flashy

òLikes to cast spells drunk

òWill try any drug that isn't likely to kill him

òTrademark: black 'D' symbol

òThe Ice Man Cometh (character is an Ice Mage)

ò"Revenge is a dish best served - Frozen!"

òWears all white, black top hat, round black buttons

òInsists only his biscuit process is correct. ;)


òRefuses to use chairs when told to sit down

òNames parts of the female anatomy after (fill in the blank)

òListens to music no one likes just to be annoying

òFond of flowers and small, furry aminuls (works best for Og, the berserk giant)