Uncomfortable In (Environmental Conditions) [Ph]

Infrequently, Slightly: 5 Points
Frequently, Slightly: 10 Points
All The Time, Slightly: 15 Points

This Physical Limit could be considered a very mild form of Allergy, or a very limited form of Susceptibility. A character with this Physical Limit finds a certain specific environment physically irritating; while in such environments, the character cannot be at ease because of the discomfort his is feeling. The character will most likely hesitate before entering the environment, and once in it will want to leave as soon as he possibly can.

The character never actually takes damage from the environment in question, but can become irritable and distracted. This causes the character to suffer a -1 penalty to any roll he is required to make while in the specified environment.

Uncomfortable In (Environmental Condition) can also be taken as a Psychological Limitation. In that case, it represents an environmental condition the character finds psychologically disturbing rather than physically irritating.

Uneducated [Ph]

Infrequently, Slightly: 5 Points

An Uneducated character isn't stupid; rather, he has never been formally schooled (or if he has gone to school, he never really paid attention to it). Common Sense and experience guide the character's actions, rather than formally taught knowledge.

The character may only take those skills which require no formal classroom training to learn. This prohibits the character from taking any Science Skill, and can never learn any Language Skill better than "conversational" (and can never rid himself of his native accent).

Unsure Of Himself [Ps]

Common, Moderate: 10 Points
Common, Strong: 15 Points
Common, Total: 20 Points

A character who is Unsure of Himself is constantly second-guessing himself. He isn't confident in his own talents and abilities, and thus hesitates before acting. He worries about whether or not he will succeed, and he worries about the consequences of his actions and their effects on others.

This is not the same thing as Worrier.

Ultra-Radical Feminist [Ps]

Common, Strong: 15 Points

This Psych Limit is only appropriate for female characters. An Ultra-Radical Feminist believes that women are physically, psychologically, and most especially morally superior to men. They believe that all men are sexist animals and closet rapists who wish to put women into the classic "barefoot and pregnant bondage" of yesteryear and prevent women from advancing to the level they should be at.

In some cases, they take this to ridiculous extremes, such as the attempts by some to "femmenize" the English language with pronouns like "hir", or the statement that "All heterosexual sex is rape." (Temporary Digression: This statement was actually made in the real world. I am not making this up. I heard it on the evening news a couple of years ago and saw it again in a book about censorship in the name of "cleaning up pornography".) In other cases, they go so far as to state that the only use for men is to propogate the species.

In order to treat a man like a human being instead of a barbaric animal worthy only of scorn, the character must make an Ego roll. Even then, she is only doing it because politeness is necessary.

Uncomfortable In (Environmental Condition) [Ps]

Uncommon, Strong: 10 Points
Common, Strong: 15 Points
Very Common, Strong: 20 Points

A character with this Psych Limit finds some environmental condition disturbing. He doesn't like entering areas where that condition prevails, and once there wants to leave as quickly as he can. The exact condition is up to the player. Possible examples include:

òUncomfortable In Crowds: The character hates being around large numbers of people.

òUncomfortable In Cemetaries: The character finds being in a cemetary to be "creepy".

òUncomfortable In Scenes of Death: The character is disturbed by places where people have died, especially if the bodies have yet to be removed.

In order for the character to enter an area he finds uncomfortable (or stay in such an area once he has entered) he must make a saving throw.

Note that this disadvantage can also be taken as a Physical Limitation. However, that involves an environment which is somehow detrimental or toxic to the character.

Underweight [Ph]

Infrequently, Slightly: 5 Points

With this Physical Limit, the character is noteably skinny. His Comeliness will generally be less than 14, as most people view the character as almost emaciated. The character may not have a Body statistic higher than 15. He is also at a -2 to any Disguise or Shadowing roll.

Uses Sarcasm As A Defense Mechanism [Ps]

Common, Strong: 15 Points

A character with this Psych Limit makes sarcastic and scathing remarks whenever he is uncomfortable, confused, or frightened. He usually directs the sarcasm at the cause of his distress, though in times of extreme stress he may tend to lash out at anyone around him.

This Psych Limit works well with Never Lets Anyone Get Close and Loner.