Vain About His Looks [Ps]

Common, Moderate: 10 Points

A character with this Psych Limit is proud of the fact that he is good looking. He has trouble resisting looking at himself when he passes a mirror, and is always careful to make sure that not a hair is out of place.

In addition, he gives off a palpable attitude that he should be treated as somehow special or important simply because he is good looking. People who aren't as good looking as he is (especially people who are actually homely or plain) are, QED, less special or important than he is because they don't look as good.

This Psych Limit is appropriate only for those characters with high Comeliness scores.

Vigilante Mentality [Ps]

Common, Moderate: 10 Points
Common, Strong: 15 Points
Common, Total: 20 Points

A character with this Psych Limit has set himself up as judge, jury, and executioner. He believes that the court system isn't doing its job, and that its up to him to take care of things. Such characters usually have other Psych Limits which explain why the character feels this way.

Characters with this Psych Limit usually have no compunctions about using lethal force. However, the circumstances under which they will apply such force vary depending on the strength of the Vigilante Mentality. A character who has this disadvantage at Common, Moderate will seek to punish any crime, but will only feel it necessary to kill serious criminals (rapists, child molesters, and murderers, for example). At Common, Strong the character's view of who deserves death widens (to include drug dealers and users, thieves, and so on). At Common, Total the character feels justified in killing any lawbreaker, even those whose "crime" is running a red light.

Visionary [Ps]

Common, Strong: 15 Points

A Visionary doesn't necessarily want to "make the world a better place". Rather, he wants to make the world match his vision, regardless of what that vision is. If the Visionary is a raging psychotic, for example, the vision might be of a seething hellhole. On the other hand, an idealist may have a vision of a world with no war, no hunger, and no strife.

The vision that the character follows consumes his life and directs his actions. Almost everything the character does is directed toward bring the character's vision to life. In order to do something other than follow his vision, the character must make a successful Ego roll.