Young [Ph]

Infrequent, Greatly: 10 Points

A character with this Physical Limit is under the age of 18. He is not yet an adult, and there are obviously things that the character will not be able to do (such as vote, sign a contract, buy a car, etc.) and places the character will not be able to go (such as a strip joint). When using a Presence-based skill on an adult the character suffers a -2 penalty, depending on the circumstances.

The character does not necessarily act like a child. See the Psychological Limitation Young for characters who do so.

Young [Ps]

Very Common, Strong: 20 Points

This Psych Limit is appropriate only to those characters who are still either children or teenagers. A character who is Young is still immature to some extent. They don't fully understand the responsibilities of adulthood. They are determined as to their goals and opinions, and intolerant of those who disagree with them.

A character with this disadvantage tends to be inexperienced, enthusiastic, and overconfident, not to mention impulsive and compulsively sarcastic. A Young character is usually impatient, rarely thinks ahead for more than a few days, and has a very selective sense of tact (meaning that they are tactful with their parents... sometimes... but rarely with anyone else).

In order to avoid acting in this manner, the character must make a successful Ego roll.