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Well, it here. Hasbro/WotC/TSR officially released the new Dungeons & Dragon Players Handbook 3rd Edition yesterday (Aug 10). How's it look? Not to bad actually. Personally (and probably due in no small part to my preference for a certain other heroic game system) I would have liked to have seen more/bigger changes to this somewhat dated rules system, but insofar as what TSR was trying to accomplish (update their flagship system without alienating all of their installed userbase) they did a pretty good job.

The core design team was almost a D&D Dream Team, being composed of Monte Cook, Jonathan Tweet, and Skip Williams. Monte Cook's name should also be familiar to the Hero/Champions fans here - he was once the series editor for Hero Games when I.C.E. was publishing it.

Big changes? Not really big, but some are noteworthy.

Hype about the new books - What's available and what's in the immediate future for D&D3.

Buy the new books - Out mail-order D&D3 catelogue page. Order (or pre-order) everything and anything D&D3.

D&D 3rd Edition pre-relase FAQ - This document was prepared in response to questions from the playtesters of 3rd Edition, and questions we anticipate beingasked during the lead-up to the 3E release. Our intention prior to the release of the game is to answer some of the "what" questions, but not the "how" or "why" questions.There are still a lot of surprises in the 3rd Edition, and wedon't want to spoil all the fun surrounding the release.

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