The Elliott Davis Collection
Series 1

Roster of Characters (as portrayed in the Justice League of Alabama campaign)
GMed by Elliott

Top line, left to right

  1. Undercover Iguana - mutant animal detective, uses city zoo as daytime hideaway, GDI.
  2. Bishamon - Oriental Speedster, fast fists, faster wit, villain.
  3. S.A.C. - flying brick employed by the USAF, patriotic hard-hitter.
  4. Serra Angel - planeswalking being of immense good & immense power, hates evil magicians.
  5. Sinestro - DC villain, cast into alternate (eg champions) timeline.
  6. Draxene the Tholian - Trek alien, became a crime-fighter in hero-universe. JLA brick. (get it ;)
  7. Flag-Smasher III - anti-nationalistic villain, marvel import.
  8. Frog-Man II - bouncing amphibious bank-robber. similar story to flag-smasher.
  9. Gorilla Grodd - evil simian mentalist, similar story to sinestro.

Bottom line, left to right

  1. Dr. Vezpazian - Mathematical Genius, Certified Nut-Case, Armored-Weirdo.
  2. Mondokk - Barbarian warrior of titanic strength, brought into hero-universe by a magician.
  3. Shimmerfist - tiny armored martial artist with misc. gem-based powers.
  4. Baron Karza - big armored cyborg from the micro-verse, chief villain of the JLA campaign.
  5. Cosmic Meat Hawk - mutant mentalist flyer, villainess with a heart of grease.
  6. White Knite - omni-powered energy projector, hero-universe version of a green lantern, hero.
  7. MODOK - big headed boss of HYDRA, evil psionic of amazing power.
  8. Mind-Wave - leader of the JLA, atlantean mutant, teleportive psychic, hero.
  9. Hi-Voltage - elemental lightning, both mutant and mystic in nature, member of JLA, hero.

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