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Magic Weapons & Armour

Blink Darts

Odd little darts with the unusual property of disappearing immediately upon being throw and re-appearing 10 meters away, at which point they continue on their path.

Ability: 1/2d6 HKA; Can be throw (+1/2), Indirect - 5" in front of wielder (+1/4), STR Min 4 (-1/2), OAF Dart (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost: 17; Real Cost: 4

Bracers of Protection

Wearing these bracers (metal armbands worn on lower arm) will allow one to deflect any attack aimed at the wearer, including magical attacks (if noticed before impact).

Ability: Missile Deflection +1, any ranged attack; Need both armbands (-1/4), OAF Armbands (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost: 22; Real Cost: 5

Guardian Blade

Short sword with the ability to fight by itself, uncontrolled by it's owner, whirling through the air around it's wielder unheld.


1 1d6 HKA; Continuous (+1), Uncontrolled (+1/2), Has a 10 STR Min, OAF Sword (-1), Independent (-2)
2 +1 OCV, OAF Sword (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost: 40; Real Cost:10


These daggers, invented by a forgotten mage with an odd sense of humor, have become favored by assassins because of the surprise of bouncing off several surfaces before striking.


1 1d6-1 HKA; Can be thrown (+1/2>), STR Min of 8 (-1), OAF Dagger (-1), Independent (-2)
2 +1 OCV; OAF Dagger (-1), Independent (-2)
3 +4 levels; for bouncing attack, OAF -Dagger, Independent

Active Cost: 21; Real Cost: 7

Sword of Warning

As long as this broadsword is in the possesion of someone, it will warn the bearer of any normal (meaning that the character could percieve the attack normally if he happened to be looking that way, not magical attacks) suprise attacks.


1 Danger Sense, 15 pts; OAF Sword(-1), Independent(-2)
2 1d6+1 HKA; 13 STR Min (-<M^>3/<MV>4), OAF Sword, Independent
3 +1 OCV; OAF Sword(-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost: 38; Real Cost: 9


This Greatsword has been enchanted to facilitate the breaking of other



1 2d6 HKA; Has STR Min 15, Independent (-2), Two Handed Weapon (-1/2), OAF Sword (-1)
2 +2d6 HKA; Only vs other weapons (-1/2), OAF Sword (-1), Independent (-2), Two Handed Weapon (-1/2)
3 +1 OCV; OAF Sword (-1), Independent (-2)
4 +8 OCV; OAF Sword (-1), Independent (-2), Only to offset placed shot to weapon penalty

Active Cost: 79; Real Cost: 19

Vorpal Sword

An oddly enchanted weapon, believed to be more of a whim of fate than a deliberately created item, this broad sword has an affinity for striking the head.


1 1d6+1 HKA, Has STR Min 13 (-1), OAF Sword (-1), Independent (-2)
2 +1 OCV, OAF Sword (-1), Independent (-2)
3 +8 OCV, Only to offset head shot, OAF Sword (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost: 39; Real Cost: 10 


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