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Misc Magic Items

Boots of Prodigious Leaping

These boots will permit anyone wearing them to leap incredible distances, up to 16 time the distance he could normally leap (infers a hang time of 5 phases).

Ability: x16 noncombat leaping distance; OAF Boots (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost: 20; Real Cost: 5

Dinner Pouch

A boon and prize to travellers. Simply place a fist sized stone into the bag, wait one minute and presto, you now have a loaf of hard bread the size of the stone (usually). The bag doesn't look

like anything interesting, just another travel pouch.

Ability: Transformation (2d6) stone to bread, 0 END, OAF Bag, Independent, Extra Time: 1 minute

Active Cost: 45; Real Cost: 8

Ghost Gloves

Wearing these gloves permits one to touch spirits, ghost, and other non-corporeal beings. This ability does not extend to weapons wielded by wearer.

Ability: Affects Desolid, up to 20 STR; 0 END (+1/2), Persistent (+1/2), OIF Gloves (-1/2), Independent (-2)

Active Cost: 20; Real Cost: 6

Luck Stone

Exactly as the name implies, this fist sizedstone confers good fortune to the owner.

Ability: 2d6 Luck; OAF Stone (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost: 10; Real Cost: 2

Ring of Sustenance

The wearer can subsist indefinitely without food and drink or sleep.

Ability: Life Support: eat, excrete, sleep; IIF Ring (-1/4), Independent (-2)

Active Cost: 5; Real Cost: 2

Shanty Pack

A simple lightweight backpack. When your travel day is over the pack will unfold itself into a 2" radius tent with a comfortable environment inside, regardless of the weather.


1 Force Wall (3/3, 9" [2" rad]), OAF Pack, Independent, Extra Time: 1 Min, No Range
2 Change Environment (2" rad), {same lims as Force Wall}

Active Cost: 40; Real Cost: 7

Torc of Comprehension

This torc allow the wearer to potentially understand any language, contingent upon a successful INT Roll.

Ability: Universal Translator; Independent (-2), OIF Torc (-1/2),

Active Cost: 10; Real Cost: 3

Amulet of Undead Protection

An amulet with some holy symbol (varying) engraved upon it which will protect the bearer from any undead.

Ability: Force Wall (18 rPD, 9"), OAF Amulet (-1), Independent (-2), Only vs undead (-1/2)

Active Cost: 45; Real Cost: 10

Binding Eye

This eye-like gem set in a gold band will, upon activation, send forth bands of magical energy at the target, binding him in securely. Usable once a day.

Ability: Entangle 5d6, OIF Band, Independent, 1 charge

Active Cost: 25; Real Cost: 4

Cloak of Shadows

This cloak shrouds it's wearer in shadows 3 times per day, up to 1 hour each time, obscuring view of the wearer. It also confers the ability to function without being able to see.



Darkness 1"; 3 1 hour charges, OAF Cloak (-1), Independent (-2), Gestures & Incantations (-1/2)
2 Spatial Awareness; OAF Cloak (-1), Independent (-2), Only to ignore darkness (-1/2)

Active Cost: 35; Real Cost: 7

Crown of Command

The wearer is seen as inspiring confidence in all who follow him and fear in all who oppose him. The crown lasts for about one year, then will not work until picked up by another person.

Ability: 3d6 PRE Aid; Loses 5 pts per Season (or when removed) (+2), 0 END (+1/2), Persistant (+1/2), IAF Crown (-1/2), Independent (-2)

Active Cost: 60; Real Cost: 17

Crystal Ball

Permits the seeing and hearing of things away.

Ability: Clairsentience, sight & hearing, 32 KM; 0 END (+1/2), OAF Fragile Crystal Ball (-1 1/4), Independent (-2), Concentrate O DCV (-1/2), Extra Time 5 min (-2)

Active Cost: 90; Real Cost: 13

Flaming Hands

The wearer of this ring is able to cause his hands to burst out in flames for a short period of time. These flames do not damage the wearer, but can harm other creatures.

Ability: 6d6 Energy Blast, Penetrating, Damage Shield, 6 charges of 1 turn, OIF (ring), Independent.

Active Cost: 75, Real Cost: 27

Medallion of Fire Resistance

Protects for wearer from most of the effects of any type of fire, natural, magical or demonic in nature. The wearer may ignore normal heat and all but 1/4 of any damaged done by fire that gets through the wearer's defences.



Life Support (heat immunity), OAF (medallion), Independent.
2 Damage Reduction 3/4 resistant energy, OAF (medallion), Independent, Only vs fire and heat (-1/2).

Active Cost: 63, Real Cost: 18

Portable Hole

To the untrained eye this appears to be a 6'x6' length of cloth. In actuality, this cloth can be hung on a wall and then walked through. Cloth can be pulled through hole as well. For a gag, fold cloth into a small bundle and place in pocket, gives all new meaning to the phrase "got a hole in me pocket."

Ability: Desolidification, 0 END (+1/2), Invisible Power Effect (+1), Usable by other (+1/4), Power gives no defense (-1/2), OAF Cloth (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost: 110; Real Cost: 22

Ring of Protection

The wearer of this ring is magically made more difficult to hit with any type of weapon or spell.

Ability: Combat Skill Levels (all DCV, hand-to-hand and ranged), OIF (ring), Independent.

Active Cost: 5 per +1, Real Cost: 2 per +1

Viking Lock Pick

This small hammer packs quite a punch, but only against closed portals. The sound emitted by the use of this item is akin to a thunderclap. (No one ever said viking thieves has finese).

Ability: HKA 6d6, 1/2 END, OAF Hammer, Independent, Only vs closed portals (-2)

Active Cost: 112; Real Cost: 18


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