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Superman The Animated Series
The Good Guys

Roster of Characters

Top line, left to right

  1. Superman - The Big Kahuna himself.
  2. Doctor Fate - Kent Nelson, heir to the power of Nabu, one of the Lords of Order.
  3. The Flash - Wally West is the the Scarlet Speedster from Central City, the fastest man alive.
  4. Supergirl - The girl of steel, the maid of might.  Superman's cousin from Argo City (yep, pre-Crisis continuity runs rampant in the animated series).
  5. Steel - John Henry Irons was an inventor and researcher for LexCorp. He developed the armour he wears.
  6. Highfather Izaya - Ruler of New Genesis, leader of the New Gods.
  7. Orion - A New God, son of Darkseid, raised by Izaya.
  8. Lightray - Another New God, constant companion to Orion.
  9. Mister Miracle - Scott Free, on of Izaya, rasied by Darkseid. Master escape artist.

Bottom line, left to right

  1. Big Barda - Wife of Scott Free, was one of Darkseid's Female Furies. Insanely strong and the worst cook in the universe.
  2. Lois Lane - "Superman's girlfriend".  A reporter for the Daily Planet.
  3. Jimmy Olsen - "Superman's Pal", photographer for the Daily Planet.
  4. Perry "Don't call me Chief" White - Managing Editor for the Daily Planet.
  5. Lana Lang - Superman's teenage girlfriend.
  6. Inspector Maggie Sawyer - As head of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit.
  7. Professor Emil Hamilton - General director of S.T.A.R. Labs.
  8. "Terrible" Dan Turpin - Maggie Sawyer's hard-bitten (and hard-biting) partner in Metropolis' Special Crimes Unit.
  9. Etrigan The Demon (Yeah, I know. He appeared in Batman, not Superman - but I needed one more unique figure to round out the set and he looks so cool.)

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