Superman The Animated Series
The Bad Guys

Roster of Characters

Top line, left to right

  1. Livewire - The shock-jock (it's a play on words - honest). [Not complete]
  2. Bizzaro Superman - "Me am Bizarro Number One, doing everything opposite of hated real Superman".
  3. Brainiac - That wild and crazy android bent on recording the Earth and then blowing it up.
  4. Desaad - Darksied's chief scientist, torturer and flunky.
  5. Darksied - Ruler of Apokolips and all around bad dude. 
  6. Granny Goodness - Mistress of Darksieds school of hard knocks.
  7. Mad Harriet - One of Darksied's "Female Furies" (hmmm... green hair, wacko - she needs to meet that clown in Gotham).
  8. Lashina - Leader of Darksied's "Female Furies".
  9. Lex Luthor - The (second) most powerful man in Metropolis.

Bottom line, left to right

  1. Lobo - "The Main Man".
  2. Metallo - Human brain, robot body, kryptonite heart - what more could you want?
  3. Mr. Mxyzptlk - Everyone's favorite 5th dimensional imp.
  4. Parasite - Ugly red dude capable of leaching energy. [Not complete]
  5. Steppenwolf - Darksied's uncle. [Not complete]
  6. Stompa - Another one of Darksied's "Female Furies" [Not complete]
  7. Toyman - That terrible toymaker, trading off of his tiny terrors. [Not complete]
  8. Weather Wizard - No, he's not a meteorlogist, but a nut who manipulates weather to suit "his evil need". (Actually, he a cheap crook with a cool wand). [Not complete]
  9. Kalibak - Darksied dumber younger son. (Orion's baby half-brother). [Not complete]
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