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January 11, 2002


SAN FRANCISCO, California — Hero Games, creators of the popular HERO System roleplaying game rules and game lines, announced today that New York Times best-selling writer Aaron Allston, author of novels such as X-Wing: Wraith Squadron, will write the new edition of Champions.

Slated for release in August, 2002, Champions is a comprehensive guide to creating and playing characters and campaigns in the superhero genre using the HERO System 5th Edition rules. The book also includes extensive sections on gaming in the superhero genre, gamemastering superhero games, and related topics, making it of use to all gamers who enjoy the genre, not just those who play the HERO System.

"We're extremely pleased that Aaron's writing Champions for us," said Steve Long, HERO System Line Developer. "He's a superb writer, with an unparalleled ability to analyze a genre, describe its elements, and explain how to translate those elements into gaming terms. It's great to have him working for Hero again after so many years."

"The year 2002 marks the twentieth anniversary of my first game supplement, so, with the Champions genre book, I can celebrate the opportunity to inflict my sensibilities on a whole new generation of gamers!" said Allston. After calming down, he continued, "I'm very pleased to be working with Hero Games again. It's been more than ten years since Ninja Hero, my last Hero System supplement, was released, and I've sorely missed working with the system. It'll be good to work with both the new rules and the new company."

For further information, contact:
Steven S. Long, SteveL@herogames.com
Darren Watts, Darren@herogames.com
Aaron Allston, Allston@AaronAllston.com

So, there you have it. :)

I hope you're all as thrilled with this news as I am. I can't wait to see what Aaron comes up with. Even though I gave him a detailed outline to work from, I'm sure he'll surprise me nevertheless. :)

Steve Long
HERO System Line Developer

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