Please note all of the stories and poems are orginal

by Epic Moon

and are dated by month and year of their creation.

The mountian king sits alone his rugged thrown torn
by the measures of what he has done
acting so hastly for the elven kings daughter.
A sharp clear tear rolls down his face
and he realize his has play the fool in his own court.
Gathering his remains he dismounts his
thrown and dropes his thorny crown
and gazes out a window to the gray blanketed skys.
across the lands the is destruction of homes and men
on the battle feilds none taken by war or any plague
but all destroyed by a hasty kings desires for such
a beautiful love.
Closing the the kingdom halls and steping out
in to the cold another tear steaks down his cheek
and freezes the trail it leaves behind.
The snow cracks and crunches beanth his feet
and the wind howls like a banshee damning his soul.
He picks up a brass mirror off the ground and looks
to see his reflextion and behold it is me.
A hallow shell of a man destroyed by love
and by the cruelness I have played against myself.
A queen to be is gone and the thrown room is now empty.
I could have been king and slave
to but only one of pure elegance.
I set forth in to the cold and artic air to give
my blackened heart back to the earth
and my soul to the four winds.
Things are better now as the red begins to stain
the white blanketed ground beanth my feet
and the numbness doesn't bother me so.
A last smile crosses my face as the clouds
sheed a bit of light through their arms.
I close my eyes and will always dream
of what could have been as my heart
sheeds it's last tear.

Jan 1997

(C) 1997

Time difts by ever so slowly as my heart sheeds yet another tear
Captured some place of a dark forbidden hallowed hall
I often wonder where the warmth comes from as my mind is gripped with fear
Is it the uncertainty of my heart being lost or my soul never to return when I call
I came knowing of the damnation this would do to me and yet I still moved on
I am not sure of what will be only the desires that have fill me with a new birth
I have had dreams and yet visions of what could be
But the grasps of time holds me sowen to the cold freezing earth
My comrads all have commited me as being crazy
I told them of the treasure I found and they all bowed there head thinkin foolish man
I saw the treasure of a Angel Queen
She thus has filled my heart with fire
Her grace and sytle was nothing like I had ever seen
I often think she has grown away from me and begins to tire
O' how I long for her to say she would be mine
I begin a dream and close my eyes
She shows with eyes glittering and lips so full
The beauty ask me to rise
A gripping force begins to pull
A cold wind howls and snap me to reality
Alone, awake and broken
Ah but thoose lips, eyes, and the beautiful face
How I soon forget about the cold breathing tokens
I smile and wish for another dream and for time to begin it's race
Closing my eyes time difts by ever so slowly

Jan 1997

(C) 1997

I woke with suprise yesterday knowing

nothing more or less as a man but

with a burning in the pit of my heart

that had been dark for so long began to grow.

A burning of life and desires

I was caressed by the thoughts that coursed

through my mind and the fire in my heart.

The fire that burns so for this angel

of grace that has touched me so.

Blessed to have been an awaking

by such an exquisite creature as her.

To give her all that I am in love and soul

for but one day would be as heaven on earth.

The smile of her could stop men at war.

The grace and look of thoose eyes could

set men sail a thousand leagues.

Her lips that could speak of no evil

and enslave a man's heart with one kiss.

Yet so delicate and full of grace she only

could be from the heavens above.

As a gift from the Gods.

All men bewarned she has already

captured and stole my heart.

Walk with your heads bowed not worth of

such elegance to bestow our presence.

This is what has started the inferno in my Soul

Jan 1997

(C) 1997

A grace of beauty appears before me and has stole my heart

Over millions of miles and thousand of year I would travel

to find such perection. As if I a but a shell of a man and

empty without measure and her lips could fill my bottomless

soul. She has eyes that burn through my heart and sees all

that I am. If to hold her and touch her soft warm lips with

mine would cause my mind to race and become as an utter slave

to perfection. Where has my heart gone and why is there a

void of pitted darkness that only she can fill. As I look

across the horizon I see a small light and it is my heart

in her hands and she holds the very key that has unlocked

it. I close my eyes as the darkness sets in around my soul

but the light of her grace never fades on the out reaches

of a shallow man

Jan 1997

(C) 1997