Group : Dubstar
Album : Goodbye
Song  : Just a Girl She Said

It's alright, i'm just a girl she said
talk down to me and take me to bed
i don't feel I don't think 
and i dont really matter at all
kiss me in darkness turn out the light
pretend you're with someone else tonight
you don't feel you don't think 
and i don't really understand why...
i'm a person who speaks
i'm a person who thinks
but you hope i'll forget 
as you ply me with drinks
and you cannot buy me
and you cannot use me...
but i know that you'll want to try...
It's alright, I'm just a girl she said
you can't buy me and take me to bed
'cause I think 'cause I feel
and you don't matter at all
just a girl she said....