Do you think you're gonna live too long?

Do you have too much money?

Then I highly recommend:

Am I kidding? No. I ask myself these whenever I light one up.
But dont these make your lungs bleed?
BAH! Go back to watching MTV you piece of rotting tripe!
Smoked cigarette for cigarette against regular smokes they do no more damage them the regulars, HOWEVER, the cloves in them excude a mild local anesthetic that numbs the throat ALLOWING NEW SMOKERS TO SMOKE THEY'RE BRAINS OUT! In some cases leading to actual physical damage and stuff. Hey, do yourself a favor, DONT SMOKE. If you do smoke, DO IT IN MODERATION. I'm a firm believer that if we as a society didn't insist on taking everything to excess we'd have alot fewer deaths from badhabits like drinking and smoking and stuff. Hell, even exercise and eating right can make yah drop dead... can anyone say Jim Fix?

They taste better then your fathers pack of Lucky Strikes. They have ZERO man made chemicals in them unlike most other cigarettes out there. As far as a chicken form of suicide goes they're downright healthy!
I wont even get into other things I think about these smokes. Besides that on Nov 13th, 1997 I stopped smoking *YET AGAIN*. This time I have a purpose. I have a goal. I have a reason to live. We'll see what happens this time.

Oh yeah. A source of Ignition :

I love my Zippo lighters. Esp this one. An xmas gift from a friend. Yes, I like the X-Files. WANNA MAKE SOMETHING OF IT? My favorite charactor is Cancer Man of course. If I was Moulder I'd have joined him in a HEARTBEAT just to find out what was going on. Oh well. Thats just me and I'm not an FBI agent or even play on on TV, I'm just this System Administrator who is ranting about cigarettes and stuff.

More ranting later. I've got alot to inflict on the world.

I'm JUST getting started...

January '98 update.
You know, its easy to quit smoking. Did it three times last week. I dont think anyone who has never smoked can appreciate how much it sucks to quit smoking. In fact, a joke I heard was "I took up heroin to stay away from cigarettes cause its easier to get off heroin". I'm seriously beginning to wonder how much it would cost to pay someone to follow me for a few months with a softball bat and just paste me whenever I even thought about lighting up. Then again, my life is pretty boring. You sit in front of a computer for days at a time with your only activity being to hop in the car and drive for an hour to work on a remote computer. I'm whining. Oh well... I think I'll go have a cigarette and ponder life and stuff. *couf*