5th Edition Hero news

Posted by Steve M. at herogames.com:

"To begin with, some answers to recent questions about the "corporate position" of Hero Games:
Much of the community has been rabidly asking "What happened to the *supposed* sale of the company?" "Where do things stand?". So, I'm going to do my best to fill you all in, even though things are still in a sort of flux.

As many folks have already guessed, heard rumors of, or extrapolated from industry news...the *supposed* sale that was going to take place many months ago, did not occur. There *are* still people "romancing" offers to buy the company, but to be quite frank, that's always the way things are. There is *always* someone wanting to buy, or making an offer for companies with potential. And that is something Hero has in spades...potential.

Where things are right now:
As it has been for the last two months, I (and your very own Ben Seeman) are managing Hero Games. There *is* every possibility that this may become a permanent situation as the next several months pass. I can't say that I would be too upset by this state of affairs, being a long-time Hero Gamer since it first appeared nearly two decades ago. Also, for those who have asked: The amount of involvement (as well as aid) that is had from Cybergames (the current corporate owners) is negligible. At this time, we are operating on our own merit and if we succeed it could mean many good things. If we fail to bring the company out of the darkness...well, let's just say we need the support of the community now more than ever! As for the future of the ownership, hey...who knows? I worked as a senior artist for a while in a pc-game development company, and while the ownership changed hands several times over the course of a few years, it never once affected the staff or the production schedule. All we can do is run Hero the best we can, and hope we can help create a brighter future for the world's best rpg system!

___Steve M.


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