5th Edition Hero news

Posted by Steve M. at herogames.com:

There are some really great discussions going on in the Hero bbs. The most notable of which - and the one we'd really REALLY like to hear from EVERYONE on - is the gift certificate thread. The long and short of it is that thanks to the suggestions of many of the foremost in the Hero Games community, we are romancing the idea of pre-sales of Hero 5th (in the way of gift certificates) to fund it's PAPER printing (yes, you heard that right). If there turns out to be enough interest in this concept we will be initiating it soon. PLEASE head on over to the bb and check it out. In case you are one of those who doesn't usually poke around the boards (and you really *are* missing out on some great discussions!), here's a direct link to the topic: Hero System 5th Edition Gift Certificates - Interested?


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