The Last Days of The Justice League of Alabama

Problem: The Elemental Warriors

Good Bad
(Air) Hurricane Tana (Earth) Stone-Man
(Ice) (Ooze)
(Smoke) (Dust)
(Vacuum) (Minerals) Uranium
(Water) (Fire)
(Steam) (Magma)
(Lightning) Hi-Voltage (Ash)
(Salt) (Radiance )

Yes, there were sixteen people all possessed and-or mutated by god-knows-what into archetypes of the sixteen classical forms of energy/matter. It was later found that the eight on the left (Air to Salt) were good guys, destined to save the world, and the eight on the right, Earth thru Radiance, were not heroes, but were mostly bent on enslaving mankind. A final massive battle took place in New Orleans, near the delta of the Mississippi River. Major players in this battle were Air & Lightning, Minerals & Earth. These are also known by their "hero" identities: Hurricane Tana, and Hi-Voltage Those are also known by their "villain" identities: Stone-Man, Uranium, Stone-Man was not a villain per se, but was somewhat simple-minded and thru blackmail and lies was coerced to aid Uranium and Radiance in their plots. Due to other crises, the JLA had to split up before the New Orleans battle. Wang-Chiun, Dr.Chaos, and Scarlett were tracking down some of MODOK's agents in Savannah, and that was most unfortunate, because the remaining team members that went to Louisiana fell victim quite quickly to their own vulnerabilities. Magic Michael got razed by clouds of iron shards flung at high velocity by Uranium. Gamma-Gargoyle was blinded by Radiance, and the original Gargoyle was pinned to the earth by a combo attack from Ooze and Radiance. The final stages of the battle royale saw only Lightning, Smoke, and Salt standing for the good guys, and among the bad guys, only Magma and Earth had been taken down, both by being teleported or telekinesed into the wrong place at the wrong time by Mind-Wave. But just like 2 episodes in the past. Air (aka Hurricane Tana) who had been told once again to stay at home and not get hurt, roars in all mad and levels the place. Her winds were so fierce that both Fire & Radiance were quenched, nearly died & suffocated. Lightning & Ash got to rolling around together on the riverbank, neither really able to harm each other, both knowing that the surefire way to get their opponent down would be to roll them into the Mississippi, but not quite wanting to go there themselves. Smoke and Dust stood off flying around and took potshots at each other, and their area-effect attacks. Ooze came out of hiding behind Hi-Voltage and did an enveloping attack over him, shorting him out, and laying him down in the river to drown. But then Ooze and Ash got to arguing with other and Smoke was able to blind-side both of them deep into the river. Being dunked in the Mississippi did Ash a world of hurt, and wouldn t have been so bad for Ooze except he got telekinetically forced (by Mind-Wave) into the propellers of a barge trying to enter the area. Finally a Navy Special Forces Team shows up on the fight scene, and getting their input from Mind-Wave, they hose down the bad guys. They tossed white phosphorous grenades on Salt and Dust. Uranium and Smoke they riddled with laser fire, not really harming them, but blinding & stunning them to the ground. As Hurricane Tana’s storm was dying down, Mind-Wave, via radio contact with the SEALS commander, went around teleporting the bad guy elementals to where the SEALS were, so that they could be cuffed & restrained until STRONGHOLD-2 personnel showed up to sort out the perps. Since Mind-Wave was the only hero standing at the end of the battle, he got all the kudos from the press & government about averting the Elemental Crisis.


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