The Last Days of The Justice League of Alabama


The JLA was formed in Birmingham in the year 2000. The original paranormals jail Stronghold in the southwest had been destroyed earlier, so the government was rebuilding another in secret in a B-ham suburb called Trussville. To serve the southeast, and to watch over Stronghold-2, funding was put up and govt. money came in to organize a super-group for Alabama & the surrounding states. The JLA had 9 core members, and about 18+ auxiliary members, followers, and employees. The highly successful JLA really cleaned up paranormal crime in the Southeastern USA, and only ever suffered two defeats of any kind. (Once to Ling-Wizard & the Zoo-Crew, once to MODOK & HYDRA) But more important were their cleaning up of PSI, GENOCIDE, several mystic enemies, and numerous rescues.

Cheat sheet on the JLA

  1. Hi-Voltage: Originally thought to be a mutant with electrical powers, it was discovered that HV is the living embodiment of electricity, and the origin of his powers was unknown. Weirder still, his little sister is the living embodiment of elemental air.
  2. Wang-Chiun: Korean martial artist and swordsman. He carries the Shebanigan, which is many things in one scabbard. When the Shebanigan is unsheathed, a weapon like a mace or katana might come out, or a tool like a drill or rake, or sometime a sentient puppet might come out. Usually the bearer of the Shebanigan has no control over what items come out of it. Most are beneficial, and most are useful, but not always what you need at the time. Wang is very old and has been living nomadically for dozens of generations.
  3. Skin-Rider: An old, old man with psychic powers: Astral Projection, Domination, Telepathy, Hypnotic Suggestion, etc. Disappeared, believed KIA versus Tyrannon.
  4. Dark Avenger: A showoff like Night-hawk of the Defenders, flies around and punches people. KIA vs. HYDRA.
  5. Magic Michael: The best good wizard in the world, except for maybe Michael’s dad. Has a follower: Gargoyle, looks like a red-stone person with demon wings.
  6. Draxene: A Tholian trapped on the Champions world, from a Trek-like dimension. An alien with nothing better to do than fight crime. Armor, AP-Telekinesis, Telepathy, and lotsa endurance. KIA vs. HYDRA.
  7. Mind-Wave: Atlantean teleporting psychic. Kind-of like Namor, Night-Crawler and Professor X all at the same time. JLA’s Team Leader.
  8. Dr.Chaos: Very dense man, radioactive blood. Energy projector than can produce the Chaos-Blast. This is a semi-magic, semi-psychic blast that does random things.
  9. Scarlett: Mistress of Absorption, similar powers to Rogue of the X-men. KIA versus Karza.


So when the game group running the JLA campaign tapered off, several mysteries and outstanding issues were left unsolved. What follows is an attempt by the GM to determine what happened in each case and let the player’s sleep nights, no longer worrying about heroic deeds left undone by their characters.

Problem: Baron Karza

Problem: Egyptoid Circuit Board

Problem: The Woman in the Amulet

Problem: Robots Missing

Problem: JLA Coordination & Teams

Problem: The Elemental Warriors

Problem: The Loc-Nar

Problem: Life Model Decoys

Problem: Green-Snouted Metalic Intruder


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