The Last Days of The Justice League of Alabama

Problem: Life Model Decoys

Two Life-Model-Decoys were found in cells in Stronghold-2, in place of prisoners:

one shaped like Cosmic-Meat-Hawk,
one shaped like the Asesino vampire.

The problem: Someone had made the decoys (they are illegal unless marked, similar to Rimmer’s "H") and then smuggled them into Stronghold-2 and worse yet, smuggled out two prisoners. Dr.Vezpazian had been a small-time loonie and more of a crank than a crook for some years. Then he was approached by P.S.I. because they needed someone with his mechanical & mathematical genius. He assembled L.M.D androids for them, and they provided the cash and goons he needed to carry out his petty schemes. But you know how PSI is. Guess what, after a while Dr.V started thinking more & more about what PSI wanted and less & less about the way he thought things should be. So what had originally been a little jealousy on the Doctor’s part about Captain Justice became a full-fledged desire for assassination after Cosmic Nite Hawk "talked" to him. And over time Dr.Vezpazian became a completely devoted PSI tool.  So the Cosmic Nite Hawk LMD had been made by Dr.V so PSI could rescue one of their own from Stronghold-2. Apparently PSI also owed a favor to the Columbian Syndicate, and they got their vampire out of Stronghold-2 as the pay-off. In any case, the Asesino Vampire was never found, even though Cosmic Meat Hawk and Dr.Vezpazian, and most of the southeastern US cell of PSI was brought to justice.  One complication was that the inside-man smuggling the LMD parts into Stronghold-2 was an Officer Warren, who was Dr.Chaos’s cousin, and was legal guardian of Chaos’s children. He ahd been mentally tampered by PSI and was declared innocent of the conspiracy. But their house was destroyed and the secret ID was blown in the operation, so the Cousin and Kids had to be moved away in a witness protection program.

In any case, word about the Asesino Vampire leaked out into the law enforcement, superhero, and then into the mystical communities. This caused a big stink because the living descendants and active agents of both the Montesi and Von-Helsing Families, who had been assuring everyone for years that no more vampires were possible in this world.   And a complete lack of vampire sightings (except in movies) had borne out their claims.

So in a way, solving the mysteries of the LMD’s opened up a bigger can of worms.

Footnote: Cosmic Meat Hawk had a lot of presence and a huge reputation for toughness & evil. The rookie JLA members did not want to fight her, and were terribly upset when it was discovered she was loose from Stronghold-2. She could fly, she had psi powers, and she was armored & tough (she looks like a blue-skin Purgatori, or like Demona from Gargoyles).  So after the caper, when she was recaptured and placed in Stronghold-2, a wise-cracking DOJ programmer took the inert LMD that looked like her and tinkered with the AI circuits, and gave her a JLA ID card. He had the LMD go into the JLA base late at night, and creep into Mind-Wave’s room, and stand quietly by his bed. Of course he woke up extremely startled and completely denies losing control of bodily functions. Anyways, the JLA kept the LMD as a kind of mascot, Technician programmed it again with a peaceful asimovian type intellect, and later the body was used to house the intellect of an Enchanted Being that Magic Michael rescued from another of Tyrannon’s mystic traps.


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