The Last Days of The Justice League of Alabama

Problem: The Loc-Nar

The Big Green Evil Ball itself was NOT in this dimension, fortunately for everyone. However: In another cataclysmic battle which we don't have time to detail now (between Tyrannon and various Dominarian legends) the Loc-Nar got peeled. Yes, the outer 1.5 inches of the thing were scraped off, leaving a smaller sphere, plus about two pounds of scraps and shavings. All of the pieces housed the intellect of the thing, but varied in power according to size of the remnant. 3 Shards of it did come into the Champions Dimension:

  1. A sliver landed in a reptile sanctuary in a zoo, and thats where Ling Wizard came from, and he created Popin-Jay, Cardinal Sin, etc. This piece got captured by the JLA in a titanic battle on the Savannah coast.
  2. Another chunk landed in the possession of D.E.M.O.N. , and they attempted to use it as a mind-control enchancer. Both their leader and the scrap were consumed by a Cosmic Horror.
  3. The largest piece of the 3 in this world was taken by MODOK himself. Too savvy to touch the rock himself, he used robots to steal animating energy from the rock, and thus he created the 6 replicants of himself: MODAM, CHEMODAM, MODEM, QUASIMODOX, ELLIOTT, HECTOR. He had isolated the rock from all input, and thru sensory deprivation had coerced it to aid his already ferocious mental powers. MODOK had siphoned a small amount of life-force from the Loc-Nar shard to animate the clone of Hyperion he had made.


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