The Last Days of The Justice League of Alabama

Problem: The Woman in the Amulet

Magic Michael had 3 voices that spoke to him at times:

Eventually Magic Michael figured out the dimensional barrier,…. to be transformed into Solid. but first, & the Drain on her magic pool needs to be Dispelled. and the Drain on her defenses: Power, Mental, and Energy, needs to be Dispelled. Basically a big thought problem for Magic Michael, complicated by the fact that each time he gets a new layer of magic "dampening" off of Clea, another wave of demons, spirits, ghosts, or agents of Tyrannon is attracted to the area.  Eventually, she was restored to a semi-tangible state with all of her  mental and 40% of her mystic powers restored. She stayed with Michael for a while, and aided in the Tyrannon crisis, but eventually left to seek the soul of Stephen Strange, whom she still believed to be alive. (Wrongly) She was never seen nor heard from again by the JLA.


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