The Great Net Book of Real HEROs!!!
Version history

3.2    June 14, 2005 - Standard character format changed to an HTML file format. 
         The format used is modeled after the HTML-Barebones export template 
	 for Hero Designer. (If you atre not familiar with it, Hero Designer is 
	 the "official" character creation utility available from Hero Games.
3.1    April 10, 2002 - Hero System edition stamping. Now that 5th Edition has 
         been released I had to make a decision: Do I update all of the write-up?
	 Heck no! Do I start demanding that new submissions conform to the 5th 
	 Edition rules? Heck no!  But, there are notable changes, so I've added 
	 a column to the character indexes to indicate what edition of the rules 
	 the character conforms to.
3.02   February 21, 2002 - Main index broken up alphabetically into five
         relatively equal sized files. Done in response to extremely slow
         load time of main index (file had exceeded 200MB in size). 
3.01   August 14, 2000 - Indexed, organized and broken out by afilliation.
         Done becuase the alphabetized list of all characters was getting large
         and unwieldy.
3.0    July 12, 2000 - Radical change in character format.  In response to the 
         large number of complaints I've opted to "simplify" the basic GNBORH
         character sheet format.  In addition, links to Heromaker and/or 
         Creation Workshop files added as available. 
2.9.1  April 17, 2000 - website moved:
          New Location:
        Administrative torch passed to John Desmarais.
        Minor reformatting. Started adding new write-ups.
        Slight change to "prefered format" template (I was having difficulty
          fitting power descriptions in the spaces provided), all new posts will
          follow this format, old write-ups will be eventually modified to conform.
        Added a "Date Added" column to the index to let you know when a 
          character was added - "29-Dec-1996" became the default for every
          character already part of the book at the time I assumed maintenance 
          (I have no way of knowing when those characters were add, but 29-Dec-1996
          was the date of Tim's last update)
2.9:  December 29, 1996
2.4:  July 13, 1996 - website moved to
2.2:  May 11, 1996 - 94 NPCs
2.0:  March 1, 1996 - first time available on the WWW
1.11:  February 18, 1996 - finally finished uploading 1.8
	some additions and changes that came along in the meantime
1.8:  November 7, 1995 - slight reformatting
1.3:  June 22, 1995 - more reformatting
1.2.1:  May 11, 1995 - first time available via FTP
        (over 20 NPCs)
1.2:  May 8, 1995 - 14 contributors
	added nifty little index
1.1:  April 7, 1995 - seven contributors
1.0.1:  March 22, 1995 - changed name from "...Real Heroes"
1.0:  March 19, 1995 - five contributors
	Sam Bell <>
	Tim Larson <>
	John Powell <>
	David Ross <>
	George Ruban <>
Thanks to these five the GNBoRH got underway.


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