The Great Net Book of Real Heroes
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What is the Great Net Book of Real HEROs?
This is a project that was proposed on in the spring of 1994. It never got off the ground, so Tim "Spock" Larson started it up again himself. The idea is that players often want to meet their "favorite" heroes and villains from the comics during the course of restoring law and order, thwarting evil plots, saving the universe, etc., in their weekend adventuring. This compilation is designed to make this task easier for the GM. Now you don't have to go through all the effort to write these fabled persons up for Champions play; they've already been done for you.

Unfortunately, Tim Larson's personal schedule no longer leaves him with the time he would like to dedicate to a project of this type; so, with his blessings, I have take over the maintenence of the book.

So, if you have write-ups of comic-book character that you feel would be good additions to the book, send them on in - now that I've mirrored the site I'd like for it to become an on-going net project again. Submissions should be html files. I'm not horribly obsessive about it, but the preferred format is this: (click here for sample). Note, this is not the same format created by the HTML-Barebones export template in Hero Desgner, but it's very similar. The actual template can be downloaded from here: (gnborhHTML.hde. Either is acceptable, but the gnborhHTML.hde includes more information. If you use Hero Designer or some other common creator utility, I can also post the source file for that.

Submissions that use the old text file format (click here for template) will still be accepted. Click here to learn more

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