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     Book Title Primary System Supported Availability
  Mutants & Masterminds: RPG - 2nd Edition D20    
  Mutants & Masterminds D20    
  Mutants & Masterminds GM Screen D20    
  Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition GM's Screen D20    
  Freedom City - 2nd Edition D20    
  Freedom City - 1st Edition D20    
  Mutants & Masterminds: Mastermind's Manual D20    
  Mutants & Masterminds: Noir D20    
  Ultimate Power D20    
  Mutants & Masterminds: Gimmick's Guide To Gadgets D20    
  Mutants & Masterminds: Annual #1 D20    
  Mutants & Masterminds: Crooks D20    
  Mutants & Masterminds: Foes of Freedom D20    
  Mutants & Masterminds: Nocturnals - A Midnight Companion D20    
  Mutants & Masterminds: Character Record Folio D20    
  Mutants & Masterminds: Lockdown D20    
  Power Corrupted: A Feats and Powers Sourcebook D20    
  Silver Age Sentinels Tri-Stat   2002/07
  Silver Age Sentinels GM Screen     2002/07
  Criminal Intent: Silver Age Sentinels Rpg Supplement Tri-Stat & D20   2003/05
  Roll Call: The Sidekick's Club ( Silver Age Sentinels Rpg Supplement) Tri-Stat & D20   2003/03
  From the Files of Matthews Gentech: Silver Age Sentinels RPG Supplement Tri-Stat & D20   2003/05
  Emergency Response Vol. 2 : Silver Age Sentinels RPG Supplement Tri-Stat & D20   2003/05
  Silver Age Sentinels D20 Fast Play Rules D20   2002/08
  Silver Age Sentinels Character Folio Tri-Stat   2002/11
  Silver Age Sentinels D20 Character Folio D20   2002/08
  Silver Age Sentinels Fast Play Rules Tri-Stat   2002/08
  Silver Age Sentinels D20   2002/07
  D20 Modern Roleplaying Game D20 Modern   2002/11
  DC Universe Roleplaying Game D6   1999/06
  The Daily Planet Guide to Gotham D6   2000/02
  The Daily Planet Guide to Metropolis D6   2000/02
  Gothan City Sourcebook D6   2000/05
  JLA Sourcebook D6   2000/07
  Metropolis Sourcebook D6   2000/08
  UNSanctioned: The Dream Corrupted Nightshift D10   2000/01
  UNsanctioned: Peacekeepers Illustrated Nightshift D10   2000/07
  Aberrant (limited ed. hardcover) Storyteller   1999/07
  Aberrant (softcover) Storyteller   1999/07
  Aberrant Storytellers Screen Storyteller   1999/08
  Expose : Aberrant Storyteller   1999/09
  Aberrant : Year One Storyteller   1999/11
  Aberrant : Project Utopia Storyteller   1999/12
  Aberrant : Teragen Storyteller   2000/02
  Aberrant Dice Storyteller   2000/02
  Aberrant : XWF Storyteller   2000/02
  Aberrant : Fear and Loathing Storyteller   2000/06
  Aberrant the Directive Storyteller   2000/07
  Aberrant : Elites Storyteller   2000/08
  Aberrants Worldwide Storyteller   2000/08
  Aberrant Reignofevil.Com Storyteller   2000/09
  Aberrant Minibook Storyteller   2000/10
  Aberrant : Worldwide Phase II Storyteller   2000/10
  Aberrant PG Storyteller   2000/12
  Feng Shui: Action Movie Roleplaying Feng Shui   1999/08
  Seed of the New Flesh Feng Shui   1999/11
  Golden Comeback Feng Shui   2000/01
  Blood of Heroes MEGS   1998/08
  The Sidekick Sourcebook: A Blood of Heroes Rules Companion MEGS   1999/07
  Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game Saga    
  A Guide to Marvel Earth Saga    
  Avengers Roster Saga    
  X-Men Roster Saga    
  X-Men : Who Goes There? (The Invasion Series) Saga    
  Avengers : Masters of Evil (World's Greatest Adventures #2) Saga    
  Fantastuc Four Roster Book Saga    
  Fantastic Voyages; Fantastic Four Saga    
  The Reed Richards Guide to Everything Saga    
  Marvel Team-Up Roster Book Saga    
  Marvel Super Heroes, Advanced Set/Game MSH    
  Marvel Super Heroes : Deluxe City Campaign Set MSH    
  Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 5 MSH    
  Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 6 MSH    
  Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 8 MSH    
  After Midnight MSH    
  All This and World War II MSH    
  Avengers : Coast to Coast MSH    
  Children of the Atom MSH    
  Nightmares of Futures Past MSH    
  The Revenge of Kang MSH    
  The Weird, Weird West MSH    
  Webs : The Spider-Man Dossier MSH    
  X-Terminate MSH    
  Marvel Super Dice Clash Game Super Dice    
  Marvel Super Dice Game : The X-Men Battle for New York City! Super Dice    
  Marvel Overpower Card Game Overpower (Card)    
  Marvel Overpower Card Game Starter Deck Overpower (Card)    
  Gurps Basic Set GURPS    
  Gurps Compendium No 1 : The Indispensible Companion for All Gurps Players GURPS    
  Gurps Supers : Super-Powered Roleplaying Meets the Real World GURPS    
  Gurps Supers I.S.T. : A Heroic World for Super-Powered Roleplaying GURPS    
  Gurps Lensman: Starkly Astounding Space-Opera Adventure GURPS    
  GURPS Black Ops GURPS    
  GURPS Dinosaurs GURPS    
  GURPS Martial Arts GURPS    
  GURPS Martial Arts Adventures GURPS    
  GURPS Places of Mystery GURPS    
  GURPS Warehouse 23 GURPS    
  Palladium Books Presents : Heroes Unlimited HU    
  Scrapers HU    
  Aliens Unlimited HU    
  The Justice Machine : A Source Book for Heroes Unlimited HU    

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