To make one Xyzzy :
Take 1 male, born 8/26/69 in Brussels Belgium
1 part standard American Upbringing
1 part standard Christian Contridictions
3 parts Music
2 parts Computers
3 parts Depression
3 parts 1950's Moral code.

Mix well. Cook in darkness under a full moon.
Serve chilled with cloves and a bernaise sauce.

Rants, Stories, Poems, whatever
I miss you Jenny.
My favorite painting
A GHS 1987/1988 Tardy Slip
A gift from a friend that I wear all the time
This is so close to the real truth its scary
Poison Hemlock - Makes a tasty beverage when you're feeling down
Lyrics from the song Stars by Dubstar
Lyrics from the song Just a Girl she said by Dubstar