This chronology picks up where CHAMPIONS UNIVERSE leaves off. All events are 
assumed to refer to the Champions Universe unless Marvel, DC, etc are mentioned. 
When you see a hero or villain name who is not Champions Original, and is not a 
DC, Image, etc. name, that is an Elli-verse original, or else a PC or NPC from 
the previous GM: Gamble. or perhaps they either immigrated to Champions universe
during  the Crisis or were reborn/recreated in the Champions universe by mystic 

Lemurians and Atlanteans are basically identical blue-skinned aquatic humanity, 
but the Atlanteans live east of Florida, and the Lemurians live in the Pacific 
and the Baja. 

You won't see all villains and heroes from every Champions Adventure or Module
woven into a coherent tapestry. You won't see every name belonging to a gang
of villains same as listed in "Champions Universe glossary" That's because of
one reason: People fight. Villains kill each other, some get captured, groups
drift apart. Heroes change and move around also.

This history presents an Amalgamation of events from Champions, DC, Marvel, and 
the campaign world I inherited: the Gamble Campaign, which I affectionately call:
TALES OF THE UNESTABLISHED   But here in this timeline I attempt to make
a 3-way bridge between Gamble's World, the Champions Universe, and my own campaign, 
which I feel is more dimensional and magical than the average hero game.

the "Champions Universe" timeline ends in Aug.92:

Aug.92 Tyrannon attempts to conquer the Champions Universe again, he is repulsed by Merlin, Tulku, Raphael Malone, and Dr. Severance. Frustrated with his failures in this area, Tyrannon vows to return with enough power to lay it waste. Plus he's got about 4 avatars and 30 emissaries to regenerate that he lost in the fight with the Champions Universe's mightiest magicians and heroes. But in the meantime, Tyrannon wants that they should stew in their own juices, so he lays down a massive curse and Forbidding Wall. This prevents all dimensional exit from the Champions Universe. Nothing can travel from this dimension until either Tyrannon dies or a 3000-dice Dispel is thrown. Sep.92 Canada's parliament enacts their Paranormal registration act.   Oct.92 The Pulsar Wars: VIPER & RAVEN split up, no longer bedfellows. DC universe: Tyrannon the Conqueror attempts to take over. Several supergroups oppose him, led by Superman and Dr.Fate. Tyrannon is driven off, and loses 5 of his avatars. Superman left dead after battle. Several DC villains migrate to Champions universe, like rats leaving a sinking ship.   Nov.92 Connersville, Indiana is completely destroyed. All buildings damaged or burned, 90% of the population killed in the largest paranormal firefight ever recorded. Interfighting factions of DEMON, VIPER, followers of Gorilla Grodd, followers & Zombies of Brother Voodoo, were chased south from Chicago. Only one superhero, Sniper-1, reached the climactic combat, where at Connersville the Indiana State Troopers and the Indiana National Guard put up their futile roadblock. Death Tolls: 16,000 civilians, 4,000 Troops, 1,200 Police, one super-hero. Injured: approximately 35% of the above numbers. Gorilla Grodd escaped. Brother Voodoo captured. Senator Dick Lugar labels this incident the Indiana Lesson, and immediately launches legislation to fund super-team or super-agency protection for all 50 states, "not just D.C., L.A., and New York".   Dec.92 On Christmas Eve, a joint strike by GENOCIDE & VOICE performs a succesful jailbreak at STRONG-HOLD-1. All GENOCIDE & VOICE operatives & paranormals were freed & rejoin their comrades. All mutant prisoners slaughtered by  GENOCIDE (the condition for their cooperation w/VOICE). All other non-hunted prisoners left to fend for themselves. All hunteds were fed to their respective "buyers". This incident leaves GENOCIDE as the 2nd most powerful criminal organization in the world, after VIPER.   Jan.93 The paranormal wrestler Vicious kills Hercules on live TV during a highly publicized UWWF "cage" match. Tyrannon destroys the worlds of Tekno-Comix     Feb.93 US congress passes the Paranormal Registration Act. It becomes illegal to be a non-registered super-powerered individual.   Mar.93 Tyrannon makes his 1st attempt to dominate the Marvel Universe. He is driven away by Dr.Doom and Dr.Strange, but during the fight, Stephen Strange gets zapped into an alternate reality, and Victor von Doom is killed. Sue Storm and Johnny Blaze also slain in the battle. Reed Richards takes the Doom armor for study purposes.   Apr.93 Brother Voodoo Trial. Several aspects of paranormal law and precedents get reaffirmed, and he  is convicted on 74 counts of murder & sentenced to death.   May.93 Tyrannon returns in force to DC universe, post-crisis, and lays it waste. The only hero capable of stopping him, the Phantom Stranger, is nowhere to be seen. 75% of known DC villains slain, 15% sue for clemency to work for Tyrannon as his servants, and about 10% escape to other dimensions, especially the Marvel and Champions universes. Most DC heroes slain. Tyrannon used the same "reality zap" on Zatanna that he used on Stephen Strange. 3 of Tyrannon's avatars and 45% of his agents & minions slain.   Jun.93 Dr.Fate shunts thousands of civilians and a few surviving DC heroes into the Champions universe. He and Ch'p join the Avengers in Los Angeles. Another pocket of survivors with Warp-Walker travel to the Image universe. DC universe absorbed into Thulkos and leeched of power. Tyrannon uses about a quarter of the energy gained herein to seal off the anti-matter universe from travel. He uses another quarter to replace his lost minions & followers and regenerate 4 of his avatars. DEMON rides Tyrannon's coat-tail a little at this time. They use a dimensional gate to loot in the DC universe, as well as take slaves and entice a few DC villains to "live and work with us".   Origin of Silver Scorpion in a VIPER nest.   Jul.93 Winged Justice killed by Lord-o-Change on national TV in Orlando. Lord-o-Change apologizes and donates $13 million to various charities and WJ's alma mater. It is speculated that VIPER's civil war began at this time.   Aug.93 Frog-Man captured by S.A.T. in Columbia, SC. Super-Morgue established in secret in UAB Hospital at Birmingham, Alabama.   Tyrannon destroys the worlds of Comico Comics   Sep.93 Hawkman begins working as the UNTIL "US paranormal liaison" in Washington,D.C.   Oct.93 A Tholian ship crashes cross-time and hard-lands on planet Mercury. World-wide panic at alien invasion stops when it is realized only 12 Tholians made it out alive. End of VIPER as we know it. 1st Appearance of HYDRA in Champions universe. HYDRA has subsumed control of 50% of VIPER's resources and agents, with the rest presumably destroyed in whatever infighting occured that also transmogrified it into a veritable clone of the Marvel universe HYDRA.   Nov.93 Ernesto Vezpazian announces the end of the Republican Party on Larry King Live.   Dec.93 Captain Universe and Mechanon II die simultaneously in combat versus each other in Nashville. Dr. Eric Weiss, a 29-year old and well-noted paranormal physician, attempts to heal the Captain on the scene and lapses into a coma. Another Dr. Eric Weiss, looking suspiciously similar, yet 40 years older, also slips into extreme illness, and is hospitalized at UAB Hospital. The two men appear to be father and son, or stranger still, temporally separated twins.   Jan.94 Tyrannon enslaves the Valiant universe at this time. After the Clemson Fiasco, C.L.O.W.N. gets raided by S.A.T. and is dispersed, but not until after 14 fatalities on both sides.   Feb.94 Mysterious kidnappings begin around U.A.B. in Alabama. HYDRA attacks the Miami navy base, and is thwarted mainly by Mind-Wave.   Mar.94 Briareus and DEMON murder 130 civilians in Jacksonville. the civilians were later discovered to be a witch coven by Captain Amazing.   Apr.94 Dagger, Medusa, and Magma travel to this universe from Marvel. Dagger fights the Super-Adaptoid on the Capitol steps, and joins Hawkman in UNTIL. The three go their separate ways and Medusa and Magma disappear from the public eye.   May.94 Karma and Medusa refuse to sign the PRA and go vigilante. VOICE claims that the two work for them. Captain Cuba begins living full-time in the USA. Tyrannon goes back in time and destroys the worlds of Classics Illustrated, with each fall of a comic universe, his over-all power grows, even though he might lose a few of his avatars and agents.   Jun.94 "DARK AVENGER in 3-D" movie released straight to video. Federal money starts to pour into regional super-groups. Several super-groups voluntarily re-align in a sort of "expansion-draft". Strong-hold-2 brought on-line in Trussville, Alabama. Captain Justice appears unmasked in front of a secret house sub-committee on meta-human criminal activities. He succesfully lobbies for more government help against power-crime, even as Strong-Hold-2 is being finished, and Stroong-Hold-1 gets a new foundation laid.  Jul.94 Defender & the Champions (relocated to Washington D.C. by legislation) capture Leech & place him in "jail", actually STRONGHOLD-II rebuilt in Trussville, Alabama in secret. 1st prisoner in new facility.   Aug.94 Dr.Severance and Dr.Ill Bitte duel magically in Charlotte, Civic arena destroyed by summoned nightmares, 52 civilians killed.   Sep.94 Scarlett's latent absorption powers awakened during an assault by Kananga and LEGION on an Atlanta cell.   Oct.94 Shadowsex hospitalizes Ice-Rider in Minneapolis. Ice-Rider recovers, and in a rematch, puts her into STRONGHOLD-2. About this time the Angel of Birmingham inhabits that city.   Nov.94 Draxene learns English via Telepathy. All 50 States now have a Super-hero or Paranormal Protection Presence of some kind. Tyrannon destroys the worlds of Malibu Comics     Dec.94 Degenerative macro-hepatitis nearly claims the life of Dr. Eric Wiess the Elder, but an experimental drug saves his life, yet it leaves him a crippled quadruplegic. In an epic three way battle between Dormammu, some planes-walkers from Dominia, and the Wooden Goddess, the Loc-Nar is damaged. The outer third of the small sphere is peeled off and shards of it scatter about the multi-verse.   Jan.95 Nail-Gunner and the WVANG have the first recorded encounter with ULTRON-25 near Camp David, Maryland. It is a draw.   Feb.95 Wolverine, Vindicator, and Talisman are captured into this universe accidently by Dexter Hannover, but they escape his lab. Unable to return, they settle in various part of Champions Canada, and grudgingly register, and work as heroes, solo however. Tyrannon invades the V&V dimension and wins a long campaign there, losing 7 avatars and over 100 of his emissaries in the 3rd fiercest resistance he's ever encountered, yet still he triumphs.   Mar.95 Doctor Chaos leaves his self-imposed exile to "do some good" with his powers that he's been less & less able to control lately. He first tests them on the Denier, who disappears for four months.   Apr.95 Sniper-2 has a "friendly" duel with Silver Sable. Ends in a draw. Get it? Zatanna awakes from a coma, blinded and deaf, and drifting in astral space. Locking on the the nearest source of magical power, she eventually drifts back into real-space near a shard of the Loc-Nar, and she's captured by technicians of the SHOP.   May.95 Magic Weasel captures Domino in Frisco, but she was bailed out by Andreonica. Tyrannon destroys the worlds of Greg Boone. Origin of Dark Avenger in the Sierra Madres.   Jun.95 GENOCIDE declares open war on S.A.T., Mutant Lovers Everywhere, and the Miami Enclave, especially Mind-Wave. (they finally figured out they were the number one criminal organization in the US)   Jul.95 Nearing the end, many Marvel heroes, and a few friends and civilians escape to the Champions universe. Tyrannon conquers Marvel universe. Watcher breaks his vow, but is slain. Galactus zapped away same as Dr.Strange. Tyrannon's goal is to enslave, not destroy the Marvel dimension, so it is not known how many heroes, villains, or civilians survived. But if they did live, it would be as Tyrannon's serfs. Reed Richards, some other Fantastic Four member's and some other refugees come across to the Champions universe. They arrive empty-handed in Champions New York.   Aug.95 Reed Richards scans the patent databases via WWW and discovers some crucial items that had never been invented in the Champions universe. He applies for the Patents and sells the rights to Nano-Tech Inc. of Montgomery, with whom he forms a partnership. He makes a load of money again and starts to rebuild the Fantastic Four: Himself, Thing, She-Hulk, and Nova (Frankie Raye).   Sep.95 Reed Richards adopts Martia Lance, the illegitimate mutant baby of Dinah Lance. Taa-Korg-001 arrives on earth from the Stellar Empire, battles Red Tornado to a draw over Miami.   Oct.95 Fin Fang Foom chases Enforcer from Nashville to Mobile, where he is assisted by Meggan in defeating the dragon, but FFF's body washes out to sea. Meggan will not sign the PRA and gets listed by the FBI. Origin of Doctor Chaos at Four-Kilometer-Island Enrichment Facility.   Nov.95 Samuel Colesen, an MLB star coach, and Karl "Snake-Fist" Jergenz, are elected on the libertarian platform to be Governor and Lieutenant Governor respectively of the great state of Alabama. this is the first time a known paranormal had been elected to a major public office. Dec.95 Origin of Ling-Wizard by the Loc-Nar. He poisons Green Arrow who is hospitalized for 3 months. Origins of Klobber Dog and Cardinal Sin, also from the Loc-Nar. Tyrannon destroys the worlds of Archie Comics   Jan.96 Micro-phoenix captures the alien Keeper-o-Secrets.   Feb.96 Obsidian captured and nearly beaten to death by the Beta Gang. Beta Gang leaves Washington D.C. for greener pastures.   Mar.96 The Southern Knights rescue Obsidian and jail "El Serpento" Red-Star exiled from the Champions Universe Ukraine.     Apr.96 Tyrannon utterly conquers the Dark-Horse universe about this time; 100% casualties.   May.96 Crustacea battles Marshal Law in the streets of Atlanta, and over 50 police & civilians get slain. Wild Flame goes insane, and meets Logic-Bomb. They reform C.L.O.W.N.  Jun.96 Funeral in England of the Caped Commando (WW2 era hero)   Jul.96 In vengeance, VOICE almost completely eradicated from the Earth by a combined heroic task-force.   Aug.96 Buffalo Rock brings the Harbor Gang to justice, confiscating over $750 million of drugs, armor, weapons, and cash. None of the top ten honchos of the gang escaped, any Harbor Gang squads active today are just remnants.     Sep.96 Jato-Mancer captured by GENOCIDE, she is recued by Thor, much to her delight.     Oct.96 Tyrannon destroys the worlds of Broadway Comics. Decline of EUROSTAR. Pantera enslaved by Cyborg-Zero and brought to US.   Nov.96 Nano-Tech battles Killer Klown Krewe in Mobile, and hauls them to justice.     Dec.96 Cyborg-Zero, Grave-Digger and a markedly more intellectual Pantera form the Decker Gang, a villainous enclave of cyber-coordinated paranormals. Jan.97 Tyrannon destroys the worlds of Warp Graphics  Gamma Gargoyle captured by Dr.Destroyer.   Feb.97 A small origami dragon is found in the box of a pizza that had been delivered to the World Council on Geothermal Energy, where the presidents of 12 nations, including the USA, were meeting in Hot Springs. The pizza had been checked four different times by various security people, including the Secret Service. The small blue foil reptile later disappeared without a trace, but not after becoming the subject of national attention on the news. Mar.97 Lila Korvacs, daughter of Carol Danvers and Korvac, gets kidnapped from a night-club called "the Circuit" in Birmingham. Tyrannon destroys the worlds of Zoom Comics.   Apr.97 The GENOCIDE villains called Vicious and Revelation distribute a video-cassette called "Far-Man's Free-Hold" a poorly directed rip-off movie about mutation which culminates in a death scene (they film the murder of a mutant) and a propaganda message about humanistic supremacy. Revelation's secret ID becomes the object of a 2 Million dollar Reward paid in Cash to whomever will reveal it to the DOJ.   May.97 Enforcer gains nation-wide attention as he calms down and negotiates the berserk villain Cold-Snap into custody live on CNN. Zatanna drifts into the champions universe. Jun.97 Meta-Morpho responds to a newspaper ad seeking an archaeologist with unusual qualifications and disappears. Jul.97 Tyrannon destroys the worlds of Caliber Press Gamma Gargoyle escapes Destroyer's Isle through a sewer tank. Aug.97 Flare, Howler and Icicle-2 reform the heart of the Beta Gang, and it grows in size to include about 8 paranormals. 35 agents, and over 100 normals and flunkies in the Memphis area. Sep.97 For several months, Dr. Eric Weiss (age 33) and Dr. Eric Weiss (age 73) are hospitalized side-by-side at UAB Hospital Special Ward. Genetically they seem identical. Oct.97 Tyrannon destroys the worlds of Kitchen Sink Press   Nov.97 Puck responds to a newspaper ad seeking an archaeologist with unusual qualifications and disappears. Dec.97 Macro-Star's meteor crashlands in the farmlands north of Atlanta. Jan.98 Tyrannon destroys the worlds of CLG Comics   Feb.98 Captain Cuba establishes the Miami Sanctuary, aka The Enclave. Mar.98 Tyrannon conquers the Aardvark-Vanaheim continuum and the Church of Cerebus is destroyed.     Apr.98 Meta-Ghoul created by the daemon Tezarakratcheon. After an initial panic, many accept him as a super-hero.     May.98 Tyrannon destroys the worlds of Viz Comics   Jun.98 Unknown assassins slay Tulku, Jomo, and Dimitrios's new apprentice Kill-Vaon. The most senior powerful sorceror in the Champions Dimension is Pinball. (Raphael Malone is a more powerful spell-caster, but he is a religious specialist, not an all-around talent mage). Jul.98 S.A.T. tricks Reed Richards into a meeting with Medusa. She and Karma are captured by SAT and slapped into Strong-Hold-1. Medusa and Karma have committed no criminal acts except their refusal to submit to the Paranormal Registration Act. This breeds much bad blood between The Avengers, Fantastic Five, and the Southern Knights. SAT comes to be seen as a twisted left-coast bunch a liberals. Aug.98 Tyrannon lays waste to the Image universe, and none are found to have survived and carried the tale. Sep.98 Cosmic Nite Hawk captured. She weighs 575 pounds when she is put in Strong-Hold and the press dubs her Cosmic Meat Hawk. Stock file footage from her days doing bank heists is doctored and she is depicted as robbing a hot-dog stand. She becomes a bitter laughing stock of the paranormal community and she requests solitary confinement. Oct.98 Vampires are captured in Sarajevo. Word of this spreads like wildfire thoughout the mystic and super-hero community. Not since 1961 when Dr.Severance had re-discovered and re-enacted the Montesi formula had a vampire existed on Champions Earth. Nov.98 Tyrannon destroys the worlds of Wonder Comix Dec.98 Mr. Static & Stone-Man combat Lord-O-Change, who is revealed in the fight to be the extra-planar daemon Tezarakratcheon. During the fight, Stone-Man's left hand, and Mr.Static's face are horribly scarred, but the daemon escapes.   Jan.99 Tyrannon destroys the worlds of Bishop Press   Feb.99 Ship disappearances begin occuring in larger numbers in the Gulf of Mexico.   Mar.99 Magic Michael's TV Special "1001 Sights" gets 17.5 Arbitron rating.    Apr.99 Night-Sheen runs away from home in Miami. She is kidnapped by Demo-Goblin in Jacksonville. Just as Demo-goblin was probably going to rape her into a coma, she is rescued by Mind-Wave and Draxene in Atlanta, who meet for the first time while solving this crime. Demo-goblin escapes. May.99 Tyrannon destroys the worlds of Academy Comics.   Jun.99 Around this time, in separate ways, Skin-Rider, Scarlett, and Dark-Avenger are contacted by Captain Justice as candidates for the new hero team he is planning on assembling. Jul.99 Hurricane Tana nearly destroys Memphis. Aug.99 Tyrannon destroys the worlds of Primal Groove   Sep.99 the Phantom Stranger awakes in another part of the astral plane, in a similar predicament to how Zatanna had been. Oct.99 Sea-Strike &  She-Rahna defect from Atlantis to the USA. Nov.99 Tyrannon destroys the worlds of Dreamlight Graphics   Dec.99 Linus Von Dreeson invents VRX, and an entire new industry is born, as virtual reality based simulations become cheap enough for the general public, and realistic enough to fool the average person.   Jan.00 While drunk at a New Year's Party, Fire burns down the house of the prominent businessman hosting it. Through items uncovered by the firemen, he is revealed to be Kananga, a syndicate man highly wanted by British MI5. While sleeping off a hangover in a Birmingham jail,     Feb.00 Tyrannon destroys the worlds of Zap Comix and lays waste to the worlds of Robert Crumb in general. Despair ensues.   Mar.00 Lord-Of-Change captured by the Fantastic Five, tossed in Strong-hold-2. No-one seems to remember he was also the daemon Tezarakratcheon.   Apr.00 Mind-Wave, Draxene, and Super-Cop, along with Captain Cuba and the Miami Machine, crack open a case where numerouos villain agencies around the country are being supplied with armor and weapons capable of operating underwater.   May.00 First meeting of Mind-Wave, Draxene, and Captain Justice, at Sanctuary. Justice lets them know of his vision for having the best super-team in the Southeastern US, better than the Southern Knights in Atlanta, better than the Miami Machine, and a team devoted to every citizen not just the ones in the big cities.   Jun.00 The Miami Machine trace the aquatic weapons and armor to the Lemurians, who are buying up support and apparently drumming up an attempt to conquer the Atlantis Combine. Also, in an unrelated time-warp accident, Garv is brought to Atlantis by a rebellious Atlantaen scientist.       Jul.00 Physically, Martia Richards is now 21, and well-trained by Reed. He makes it the Fantastic Five, with her wearing the Iron-Force armor. Aug.00 WORLD SUPER-CON 2000 is held in Atlanta. Originally it was touted as the first convention of paranormals, and was to be meetings and events where persons of all colors, sizes, and abilities could meet on comman ground and celebrate. Later it was found out to have been organized by Dr. Crowbar of PSI, and was to have been an elaborate entrapment scheme. Even with it's cover blown, it was still attended by 5,000 people. Most heroes and villains were noticeably absent, except for the glory-hounds. Even today, one paranormal referring to another as a "World Super" hero/villain will still bring giggles, as the events were considered a joke by 85% of meta-humans. Sep.00 Strong-Hold-1 recretly rebuilt on a smaller, thicker scale. It is geared almost entirely towards hot-sleep, severe isolation, and worst-case incarcerations. Tyrannon destroys the worlds of Acclaim Comics. Oct.00 PSI infiltrates the Strong-Hold-2 security forces, and Cosmic Meat Hawk is sprung, with her absence being covered by her swap with a Life-Model-Decoy that looked just like her. Nov.00 His political term over, Snake-Fist returns to costumed crime-fighting, he is 62 years old. Dec.00 Draxene and Mind-Wave flee Miami because of HYDRA and take their leave from the Miami Enclave.   Jan.01 Begin Justice League of Alabama Regular Campaign Issues.
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