Update - The character sheet format for
The Great Net Book of Real heroes has been changed (again).

(I guess once every five years isn't too bad.).

I've received a lot of "comments" over the past five year regarding the character sheet layout / file format that I use - and except for Tim's, none of them have been kind. So, after many years (and based in part of the sales success of Hero Games' Hero Designer application) I've decided to make the standard format a simple html file (click here for sample). Note, this is not the same format created by the HTML-Barebones export template in Hero Desgner, but it's very similar. The actual template can be downloaded from here: (gnborhHTML.hde. Either is acceptable, but the gnborhHTML.hde includes more information.

This format should be relatively simple to create manaully if needed - but just in case, I will continue to accept submissions in the old text file format (click here for text template)

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