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  Title Author Publisher Date
   Essential Fantastic Four vol 1 Stan Lee, Jack Kirby (Illustrator) Marvel Comics 1998/10
  Essential Fantastic Four vol 2 Stan Lee, Jack Kirby (Illustrator) Marvel Comics 1999/10

Essential Silver Surfer

Stan Lee, John Busuma (Illustrator), Jack Kirby (Illustrator)

Marvel Comics

Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne John Byrne Marvel Books 2001/11
    Fantastic Four : Nobody Gets Out Alive Tom Defalco, et al Marvel Comics 1995/02
    Fantastic Four Vs. the X-Men Chris Claremont, et al Marvel Comics 1991/10
   Greatest Villains of the Fantastic Four Tom Defalco, Dan Bulanadi (Contributor) Marvel Comics 1995/07
  Fantastic Four - Heroes Reborn Jim Lee Marvel Comics 2000/03
   The Heroes Return - Fantastic Four Scott Lobdell, Alan Davis (Illustrator) Marvel Comics 1999/06
Fantastic Four: Flesh and Stone Jeph Loeb Marvel Books 2001/08
Fantastic Four : Into the Breach Carlos Pacheco (Illustrator) Marvel Books 2002/01
   Marvel Masterworks : Fantastic Four (Vol 6) Stan Lee Marvel Comics 1998/10
Marvel Masterworks : Fantastic Four (Vol 21) Stan Lee Marvel Comics   
   The Trial of Galactus (Fantastic Four) John Byrne Marvel Comics 1990/09

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