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What's New (2-Jun-2003) - Hero System / Champions Mailing List news. Some time back I was forced to make some changes to the way the list server operates. This change was made due to the dramatic increase in both spam and trojan-horse/virus posting. The net affect of the changes is that any messages that come from an address that is not subscribed to the list goes into a holding queue and sits there until I have time to review and approve/delete it. This can cause problems for some members if their From address and Reply-To address are different. If you have any problems using the list, please feel free to contact me at

What's New (2-Jun-2003) - Other news? Well, the kids over at Hero Games have been busy little campers. For 2003 they have already put out The Ultimate Vehicle, Terran Empire, Millennium City, and The UNTIL Superpowers Database, and appear to be pretty much on track for at least half a dozen more books before the end of the year. Whoo-hoo! Way to go guys.

What's New (2-Jun-2003) - Outside of Hero Games it itself, but still related, Christopher Mullins has released the Hero 5th Edition Template for Metacreator for general availablity. As one of the folks who worked on this I can state that we're all pretty proud of this thing so head over to AlterEgo Software and make sure you have the latest update for you MetaCreator (or buy it if you don't have it - it's pleasantly cheap for what it does) then get thee to the Hero Games downloads (Free Stuff within the Other Software section) and have fun.

What's New (2-Jun-2003) - I'm baaaaack.... This past semester was pretty taxing, for both me and my wife (she's done now though, having completed her Master's program - personally, I'm still working on my BS... Sigh!). Be that as it may, I once again have time to keep this site (and the Great Net Book of Real Heroes) more or less up to date, so expect to see new "stuff".

What's New (15-Jan-2003) - The Herogames.Com message boards are down. According to the gang at Hero Games / DOJ they apper to have been hit hard by a denial of service attack. For more info, read this: Discussion Boards Down.

What's New (9-Aug-2002) - The word is in from the Hero Games kids at Gen Con - Champions has been printed. They had 100 copies at the convention and sold them in 2 hours (they are expecting more copies soon).

What's New (27-Jul-2002) - Herosphere, the Hero System Combat Simulator, has been sent off to the replciation service. Look for it at GenCon, or at the Herosphere website shortly thereafter.

What's New (25-Jul-2002) - Hmmm... Haven't posted any updates recently (bad John). Lots of cool goings on in Hero land. The kids over at Hero Games say that The Ultimate Martial Artist has just about sold out, and sale on the Hero Bestiary are still brisk (if you can't find these books at you friendly local game store, just camp out in front of the counter until the proprietor orders them). I also hear that they are hard at work on both Champions (by Aaron Allston) and Champions Universe (by Steve Long). Steve also speaks about about Conquerors, Killers, And Crooks, saying "I'm deep in the middle of writing the book; by the time you read this, I should be done with the 'villain teams' chapter (having already completed the 'master villains' chapter) and be well into the 'solo villains' section of the book. It's like old home week for me, as I get to revisit long-time favorites like Dr. Destroyer, the Ultimates, and Firewing."

What's New (22-May-2002) - Hero Games has signed a deal for the development of Hero Designer, a new Hero System character creation utility. While not related to Hero Creator / Creation Workshop / MetaCreator, Hero Games has promised that it will be able to import chracters created using that tool. For more info check out Steve's own words.

What's New (16-May-2002) - What to read my review of the new 5th Edition Hero System? It's posted on the Skirmishes webiste.

What's New (10-Apr-2002) - So, waiting with baited breath for the next new Hero publication? Wait no longer. Hero Games has announced that The Ultimate Martial Artist shipped out today (that's a week early for those of you keeping track of this). Go, now, tell you friendly local game store you want your copy.

What's New (04-Apr-2002) - Well, for those of you who disbelieve that the new owers are actually going to get the fith edition book out (much less get it out on time) I hold in my hands my very own copy of the Hero System Fifth Edition rulebook, purchases this eveing from my friendly local game store (Game Haven). Run, don't walk, to you local game store and get one today - you'll thank yourself.

What's New (29-Mar-2002) - And the word from Steve Long over at Hero games is, "...just wanted to let you know that 5E has begun shipping from the printer's. In fact, I got a bunch of copies yesterday. It's going to take some time to filter out through distribution to the retail outlets, so you probably won't see it at your FLGS next week, but it *is* coming. :)". How's that for a bit of good news?

What's New (11-Feb-2002) - Hero Games/DOJ has posted a four page sample of the forthcoming 5th Edition Rulebook. Check out the "Free Stuff" section of their website to take a look (

What's New (1-Feb-2002) - More good news from Hero/DOJ. Barring any unforseen disasters, the 5th Edition Hero System will head off to the printer today - all 390 pags of it. So, start bugging your local game stores now!

What's New (25-Jan-2002) - On the Hero Games /DOJ front, work appears to progessing steadily - the new book even has an ISBN number (1-58366-000-3, tell your local game store, make sure they know it's realy coming this time). Additionally, DOJ El Presidente Darrin Watts has been hard at work researching the bindings that various printers can provide for the book (including stress testing samples in a clothes dryer) in his efforts to insure that the new 5th Edition Hero System Rulebook doesn't fall apart under normal gamer useage.

What's New (11-Jan-2002) - Hoody-hoo! The guys over at DOJ/Hero Games have contracted Aaron Allston to write the new Champions book. For the three Hero gamers in the world out there who don't know who Mr. Allston is, he wrote Strike Force, was one of the writers of Justice, Inc., and a bunch of other cool Hero (and non-Hero) stuff. For more about Mr. Allston, visit To read DOJ/Hero Games' press release click here.

What's New (4-Jan-2002) - Well, the latest from Seve Long, the new Head Hero, indicates he's been busy. Lining up authors for new Hero books, writing up a new version of the Hero Universe document, and drafting a new submission and writing guidelines for potential authors and artists. Check back here or at for more information.

What's New (21-Dec-2001) - Hero Games (or at least the assets thereof) has been purchased. The new owners are DOJ, Inc. The new line editor is Steve Long. For full details, check out this message from Steve.

What's New (13-Dec-2001) - Now in the "Spoo" section, more of my articles from Haymaker. Included in the new articles, a complete magic system inspired by Ars Magica; advice on converting characters from comics (and other sources) to Hero System; and a bunch of creatures from Record of Lodoss War, suitable for use with Fantasy Hero or other Hero System games.

What's New (3-Dec-2001) - Well, it's not 5th Edition, but it is kind of cool. The new Fantasy Hero Book Collection on CD is on it's way back from the replicators/printers.

What's New (29-Nov-2001) - More from the kids over at Hero Games. Their hiniting around about announcing a release date early in December (that is, they will make an announcement in December, not necessarily release it in December). Source: Hero Game Discussion Boards.

What's New (16-Nov-2001) - The kids at Hero Games are trolling for interest in pre-buying 5th Edition as a means of financing a printed book (as opposed to an electronic one). More from Steve M.

What's New (08-Nov-2001) - More 5th Edition goodies. Check out some sample pages.

What's New (01-Nov-2001) - Looks like the sale of Hero Games by CyberGames is off. Check out Steve M's statement.

What's New (29-Oct-2001) - We have a nearly official statement from Hero Games as to the format the new 5th Edition rules publication will take. Check out Steve M's words.

What's New (27-Aug-2001) - Well, it looks like Hero Games and CyberGames have had a parting of ways. No word yet on exactly who the new owner(s) of Hero Game is, but it's not CyberGames anymore. When I know more I'll post it here.

What's New (10-Aug-2001) - Have you checked out our other Hero System site, the Great Net Book of Real Heroes? It's been growing by leaps and bounds, currently close to 600 character write-ups officially part of the book and another 200 sitting in my queue waiting to be formatted and posted. Got a known character you've adapted to Hero System? If so, I'd love to post it to the book.

What's New (09-Aug-2001) - Sorry about not updating this as often as I would like, real life occasionaly gets in the way. The Master Lists of Physical and Psychological Limitations - has been found. I heard from Jack Butler a couple of weeks ago about this. He had rolled the site up into his campaign site. He has now split it back out into it's own, easy to find site located at (I then promptly forgot to update my news item about this, but I did at least remember to update why Hero System web directory - it's hell getting old).

What's New (09-Aug-2001) - What's up with 5th Edition? No one who knows is saying (and no one who's saying actually knows) but it looks like Hero Games and CyberGames are having difficulties of some type (current best guess is that they are having capital problems like most every other dot com company these days). When can we expect top see 5th Edition? Who knows. It will, undoubtably, be published eventually. Until then, 4th Edition is a very good set of rules. Some retailers still have copies on their shelves and Hero Games is selling it as an e-book; so keep on playing and "Be A Hero!"

What's New (05-Apr-2001) - The Great Net Book of Hero System Disadvantages. Do you remember Chris Maka's and Jack Butler's The Master Lists of Physical and Psychological Limitations? Well, Jack's site seems to have long since vanished, so I've taken the disadvantags that used to be there, made some modifications to some of them, added a whole bunch more and dubbed the whole the The Great Net Book of Hero System Disadvantages. Check it out, I think it's cool.

What's New (20-Mar-2001) - Hmmm... Gold Rush Games' Yahoo-based store (see What's New 08-Sep-2000) seems to have vanished without a trace. Sigh.

What's New (08-Sep-2000) - Gold Rush Games (purveyors of fine Hero System and Fuzion products such as San Angelo: City of Heroes, Sengoku: Chanbara Roleplaying in Feudal Japan, and The Usagi Yojimbo Roleplaying Game) now have a new online store running at full swing. Check it out HERE, buy something neat, and tell 'em I sent you (gotta build up that good rep, after all, for when I try to get them to publish something of mine).

What's New (11-Aug-2000) - (Ok, it's not really Hero related, but it is a pretty big gaming industry thing). Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition Players Handbook is out, and (allowing for the fact that it's still D&D) it's pretty good. [more]

What's New (09-May-2000): I've posted Bobby Farris's Star Wars Hero to the Campaign section of the site. Check it out, it goes through and does the ships, robots, equipment, and yes the Force. Format is still a little rough (my fault), everything is available, and I'm working now at getting it pretty.

What's New (17-Apr-2000): I have mirrored Tim Larson's Great Net Book of Real Heroes. Tim has not had time to work on this project for some time so, with his blessings, I have taken it over. To access The Great Net Book of Real Heroes, go to the Characters section of my site.

What's New (22-Mar-2000): Finally decided it was time to get some campaign information posted. Did some minor restructuring of the site to facilitate this (you may not even notice the changes as they were mostly behind the scenes). Posted my source material for a far-future super-hero campaign and some info from my current Justice, Inc (Pulp Hero) campaign. Both of these are in the Campaign/Adventure section.

What's New (08-Feb-2000): I'm not sure how the mess got created, but my index of Marvel Comics related sites was a disaster. Half the sites listed had no links at all (not just bad links, no links). Since I had to take the time to get the fixed I also culled out as many of the dead links as I could from the Marvel Comics pages and added about 100 new ones.

What's New (17-Dec-1999): Added a new section to the Links To Stuff index, Clubs! Want to have your club's website listed here? Just send me the Name, Address, and a brief description. The only requirement is that your club must play Champions (Hero System or Fuzion) and this must be apparent when visiting your website.

What's New (26-Oct-1999): For no good reason, I got the idea to count the links I had indexed. I was amazed. 246 Hero/Fuzion links, 290 Miscellaneous Gaming Links, & 255 Reference Links. Sure hope someone other than me finds these link useful...

What's New (25-Oct-1999): Seriously pumped up the comic book reference links in my Links To Stuff section. I won't claim in complete (by any stretch of the imagination) but it is at least worth perusing now (as opposed to te pathetic state it used to be in).

What's New (11-Oct-1999): Minor revamping of the Web Store in an effort to make things easier to find. Added a few new links to the Links to Stuff index.

What's New (29-Sep-1999): Not much, actually. Made a small changes all over the place. Some minor cosmetic changes and fixed a few pages with bad html. Added a new section to my list-o-links: as a subcategory to the Companies section I've added a list of gaming retailers - it's pretty small right now, but it does include, now that they finally have a web site, the store I used to work at (many years ago). Check out World's Best Comics' Web Site, and send much grief to it's webgeek.

What's New (9-Aug-1999): Added an update log for the Links to Stuff section. Simply click on the "List last edited dd-Mmmm-yyyy" link on the Links to Stuff main page to find out when each individual section was last updated.

What's New (9-Aug-1999): It's off topic for this site, but I thought folk might be interested in what's on tap for the (A)D&D 3rd Edition, so I've posted the FAQ..

What's New (9-Jun-1999): Search The Stuff Heroes Are Made Of. Well, this is a marked improvement over the earlier attempts. It's configured to search the entire site, including the mailing list archives. Give it a try.

What's new (2-Jun-1999): Guy Hoyle <> was kind enough to forward a teaser for what's in 5th Edition Hero SystemSteve Long posted on the AOL Hero Board over to the Champions Mailing List, so I've posted it in the Rules section of this site.

What's new (1-Apr-1999):  Let's see, my list-o-links has been cleaned up a bit, culled out a bunch of dead links and added some new ones. Did a little bt more work on my Marvel to Hero conversion rules. And, added a bunch of stuff to the mailing list archives (you can thank Joe Mucchiello for badgering me into it and providing many of the mail dumps that I was missing). Got the latter part of 1997 online now, and I'll get the missing chunks of 1998 up next week; then I can make a stab at getting 1999 up to date.

What's new (10-Jan-1999):  I'm experimenting with search engines, go checkout the search function in the Champions Mailing List Archives. Be warned, it is a Java applet; so it only works with Java enabled browsers.

What's new (14-Dec-1998):  New Marvel Conversion Rules.  I've posted an incomplete (I'm still working on it) set of guidelines for converting the new Marvel Super Hero Adventure Game (Saga System) to 4th Edition Hero System to the Rules section of my site. Take a look, tell me what you think. (updated 9-Jan-1999)

What's new (02-Nov-1998): A call for help! I'm looking for some well thought-out reviews of Champions publications (and other Super Hero Role Playing Game books as well).  Got an urge to write a review?  If so, send it to me and I'll post it with a link from my online catalogue.

What's new (28-Oct-1998): The Champions Mailing List now supports digests.   For information on subscribing to the digest form of the list see my Champions Mailing List page. (You can thank Tom Arnold, the Sysabend System Administrator, for this one).

What's new (16-Oct-1998): Looking for Champions players in your region? Here's a list of the members of the Champions Mailing List, with the city they live in (this list updated as they provide the info).

What's new (06-Oct-1998): Complete redesign of the site.

What's new (07-Aug-1998): Finally started working on my cardboard heroes again. Next set to be posted will be villains from Superman: The Animated Series. Look for it in the next couple of days. 

What's new (27-Jul-1998): Finally got around to cleaning up my page of Hero related links - addedd a bunch of new links, added descriptions to some site (more coming as the site owners send them to me), organized the list and broke it up into quickly downloaded sections - basically just gave it a complete facelift. Take a look. 

What's new (1-Jul-1998): This site is now an associate.  To which you're probably thinking "What does this mean to me?"   Well, it means that I'm constantly scouring their catalogue looking for Champions/Hero/Fuzion related publications and using this site to make the easy for other folks to find. Click on the [Book Store] link and you'll see the current list with links to whatever's catalogue has a listing for. It's a little messy right now, and the list is pretty sparse on Fuzion products (Amazon doesn't have a good selection of RTG books at the moment).. If there's a related book that you're looking for that isn't in my list, let me know and I'll find out it's availability.

What's new (16-Jun-1998): Disaster strikes.   If you've been awaiting the next couple of sets of cardboard heroes, I appologize for their lateness. I had a horrible computer incident on the computer I use for editing and building those image files (my partition table got destroyed).  I've rebuilt my system, but I lost all of the recent projects I was working on (including the next sets of cardboard heroes) which puts me in the posistion of having to start over again (sigh!).

What's new (28-May-1998): Well, besides the new design (I finally just couldn't take the whole "frames" nonsense anymore, every browser treats them a little differently, and none of them treat them exactly the way I want) I've finally started adding more actual content to the site. There's an ever growing pile of information relating to the Champions Mailing List (see News Update below). I've also, due in part to a discussion on the mailing list wherein various members lamented the lack of appropriate Cardboard Heroes for Champions, started creating sheets of cardboard heroes.  I've gotten about a gazillion individual hero pics (fronts and backs) from Elliott Davis (a friend of mine who now lives deap in the bowels of the South) that he created for his Justice League of Alabama Champions campaign - many figures will be familiar to you as, like many of us, he "borrows" from any and all appropriate sources.  These figures are being posted as I get them laid out in convienient sheets (usually 18 figures per sheet, unless they are uncommonly large).  In addition to these, I've been building sets of my own based on "popular" sources - currently the only sheet that has been completed and posted is a sheet of 18 characters (all good guys) from Superman: The Animated Series. Next up will be either 18 bad guys from Superman or the first sheet of figures from Batman: The Animated Series, I haven't decided yet (any requests?); as well an the third series from the Elliott Davis Collection.

News Update: Geoff Speare, the individual who has hosted and administrated the Champions / Hero System Mailing List for the past several years, has had to give up the duties involved.  I'm sure that everyone who has ever been a subscriber to this Hero Games email discussion list has appreciated the work he has put into this project over the many years he was involved with it.  With his leaving the project I have assumed his former responsibilities and will strive to maintain the list as well as Geoff did.  Due to this changing of hands, the address for the list has changed from to For those wishing to join this email discussion list simply send an email to with SUBSCRIBE CHAMP-L as the body of the message.


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