Cardboard Heroes

Note:  These images were all designed as 300dpi files.   Some image viewers assume a resolution rather than read the resolution from the image file header.  If, when you try to print the file, the image is much larger or smaller than you think it should be (a block approximately 7" x 6.5") use your image editor to resize the image to 300 dpi.  The most common resolution I seen image views default to has been 72dpi, which will cause the image, when printed, to be multiple pages (with big, ugly figures).

The Elliott Davis Collection

These figures represent the Heroes, Villains, and prominent NPCs from the Ell-Man's Justice League of Alabama Champions game.

  1. Series 1- 18 Random figures. 256 Colour JPG. 461,899 bytes. Read the description.
  2. Series 2- 5 Large figures. 256 Colour JPG. 469,854 bytes. Read the description.
  3. Series 3- 18 Random figures. 256 Colour JPG. 609,062 bytes. Read the description.

Superman: The Animated Series

  1. The Good Guys- 18 figures. 256 Colour JPG. 343,181 bytes. Read the description.
  2. The Bad Guys- 18 figures. 256 Colour JPG. 302,582 bytes. Read the description. (Note: This set is incomplete - it's what I was working on until I got distracted. It should have been done by now, but I'm a lazy slug).

Coming Soon (Well, as soon as I get off my butt and do them)

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