The Great Net Book of Hero System Disadvantages

This list is based heavily upon a work started by Chris Maka and later continued by Jack Butler entitled The Master Lists of Physical and Psychological Limitations. It has since been heavily added to by myself, and several disadvantages have been re-written to be of a different type (several Psychological Limitations have been turned into Hunteds and/or Watcheds, and some Pysical Limitations have been redone as Dependencies and/or Susceptibilities).

Jack's web site has since vanished, so I've decided to make my version available. I hope that you find this to be a useful resource for your Hero System games. The table of contents isn't as useful as it could be 'cause I was just too lazy to put links to each individual disadvantage, only to the letter for the page containing disadvantages starting with each letter. Maybe later.

Jack's website didn't vanish, it moved. The new location is Don't expect to see this page undergo any further improvements.

Code Key

[De] - Dependence
[HW] - Hunted and/or Watched
[Ph] - Physical Limitatons
[Ps] - Psychological Limitations
[Su] - Susceptibility

Table of Contents

Abnormally High/Low Body Temperature [Ph]
Absent Minded [Ps]
Achilles Heel [Ph]
Acts Stereotypically (Nationality) [Ps]
Addicted to (Substance or Activity) [Ps]
Aggressive In Combat [Ps]
Albino [Ph]
Alien Biochemistry Requires Special Medical Care [Ph]
Allergy [Ph]
Always Angry And Hostile [Ps]
Always Announces What He's About To Do In Combat [Ps]
Always Calm And Collected [Ps]
Always Fights Fair [Ps]
Always Has An Answer [Ps]
Always Obeys The Orders Of His Superiors [Ps]
Always Questions Orders [Ps]
Always Questions The Morality Of His Own Actions [Ps]
Ambitious [Ps]
Amnesia [Ph]
Amnesia [Ps]
Amoral [Ps]
Anarchist [Ps]
Annoyed By Incompetent People [Ps]
Antagonistic And Mean [Ps]
Antisocial [Ps]
Antisocial and Bad Tempered [Ps]
Apathetic [Ps]
Aristocratic/Regal Attitude [Ps]
Arrogant [Ps]
Arrogant and Unfriendly [Ps]
Astigmatic [Ph]
Asthma [Ph]
Avoids Long Term Commitments [Ps]
Avoids Using Powers [Ps]
Bad Tempered [Ps]
Believes (Focus) Is All-Powerful [Ps]
Believes He Can Do No Wrong [Ps]
Believes He Is Sanctioned By A Higher Power [Ps]
Believes He Is Unbeatable [Ps]
Believes In (Group Or Cause), Right Or Wrong [Ps]
Believes In The Basic Goodness Of Mankind [Ps]
Biggest Fan [HW]
Bigmouth/Braggart [Ps]
Bitter [Ps]
Blind [Ph]
Bloodlust [Ps]
Body Of (Unusual Substance) [Ph]
Bruises Easily [Ph]
Bully [Ps]
Cannot Look Weak [Ps]
Cannot Resist Taunting His Opponents In Combat [Ps]
Cannot Resist Tinkering With Machines [Ps]
Cannot Stand By And Let Evil Occur [Ps]
Cannot Stand The Sight Of His Own Face [Ps]
Cannot Strike A Woman [Ps]
Cannot Swim [Ph]
Cannot Tell A Lie [Ps]
Cannot Think For Himself [Ps]
Cannot Turn Down A Challenge [Ps]
Capricious [Ps]
Carrier Of/Infected With (Infectuous Disease) [Ph]
Casual Killer [Ps]
Charitable [Ps]
Cheap/Spendthrift [Ps]
Cheerful Charlie [Ps]
Childishly Naive And Prone To Temper Tantrums [Ps]
Chronic Complainer [Ps]
Clumsy Hands [Ph]
Code vs. Killing [Ps]
Code of Honor [Ps]
Chinese Knight
Chinese Master
Code of Vengeance, All insults to Friends, Family, Protected Parties or Self
Code of Vengeance, All Insults to Self (and Lord)
Code of Vengeance, Must Avenge Murder of any Friend, Family Member or Protected Party
Hero's Code
Highwayman's Creed
Pirate Code
Policeman's Code
Villains Code
The Vow of the Buddhist Monk
Cold And Aloof [Ps]
Cold And Calculating [Ps]
Collapses In The Face Of Torture [Ps]
Colorblind [Ph]
Combat Paralysis [Ps]
Compelled To Perform (Specific Unusual Action) [Ps]
Completely Devoted To (Agency or Person) [Ps]
Compulsive Carouser [Ps]
Compulsive Collector Of (Class Of Object) [Ps]
Compulsive Liar [Ps]
Compulsively Sarcastic [Ps]
Conceited [Ps]
Considers Himself To Be A Monster [Ps]
Considers Other People's Psyche's To Be Toys [Ps]
Constantly Fishes For Complements [Ps]
Control Freak [Ps]
Counter-Phobia [Ps]
Coward [Ps]
Coward In The Face Of Pain [Ps]
Coward In The Face Of Physical Violence [Ps]
Craves Attention [Ps]
Cultural Taboo [Ps]
Curious [Ps]
Cynical [Ps]
Deaf [Ph]
Death Wish [Ps]
Deceitful [Ps]
Deceptive [Ps]
Delusional [Ps]
Dependent on Water [De]
Depressive [Ps]
Despondent After Going Berserk/Enraged [Ps]
Detached From Humanity [Ps]
Determined To Rule "The World Of Man" [Ps]
Devoted To Justice [Ps]
Devoted To (Other Character) [Ps]
Devoted to Talion [Ps]
Devout Practicioner Of (Religion) [Ps]
Diabetes - Type [De] & [Ph]
Diabetes - Type [De]
Dies If He Uses (Specific Power) [Ph]
Dietary Restrictions [Ph]
Disillusioned When The Real World Is Not Black And White [Ps]
Dislikes (Group, Person, Object, Nation, or Concept) [Ps]
Distrusts Authority [Ps]
Distinctive Appearances
Duelling Scar
Huge Nose
Awful Smell - Natural
Awful Smell - Unnatural
Evil Aura
White Hair
Distrusts (Group) [Ps]
Doesn't Know (Secret About Himself) [Ps]
Doesn't Understand Modern Life [Ph]
Doesn't Understand Modern Technology [Ph]
Driven By Family History To Become A (Hero/Villain) [Ps]
Dwarf [Ph]
Dyslexia [Ph]
Easily Distracted [Ps]
Easily Embarassed [Ps]
Easily Flattered [Ps]
Easily Flustered [Ps]
Easily Panicked [Ps]
Effete [Ps]
Egotistical [Ps]
Emotionless [Ps]
Enjoys Destroying Other People's Psyches [Ps]
Enjoys Matching Wits With Heroes/Villains [Ps]
Enjoys Playing Mind Games [Ps]
Enjoys Using His Powers [Ps]
Epilepsy [Ph]
Explosive Temper [Ps]
Fanatic [Ps]
Farsighted [Ph]
Fatalistic [Ps]
Fated To (Occurence or Happenstance) [Ph]
Fearless [Ps]
Fears Abandonment For Making Mistakes [Ps]
Fears Breaking Things And Hurting People [Ps]
Fears Changing Into (Character's Other Form) [Ps]
Fears Losing Powers [Ps]
Feels Guilty About (Past Action Or Event) [Ps]
Feels He Must Prove Himself [Ps]
Feels Indebted To (Other Character) [Ps]
Feels Loyalty To His Superiors [Ps]
Feels No Pain [Ph]
Feels That Any Criticism He Receives Is True, Whether It Is Or Not [Ps]
Feels Underappreciated [Ps]
Fervent Patriot [Ps]
Flashbacks Of (Traumatic Experience) During (Situation) [Ps]
Flamboyant [Ps]
Flustered By Failure [Ps]
Focuses On Current Activities To The Exclusion Of All Else [Ps]
Follower [Ps]
Forgetful [Ps]
Frugal [Ps]
Giant [Ph]
Gimp Leg [Ph]
Glories In Destruction [Ps]
Glory Hound [Ps]
Glutton [Ps]
Greedy [Ps]
Grim and Humorless [Ps]
Gullible [Ps]
Gunslinger Mentality [Ps]
Hair-Trigger Temper [Ps]
Hard Of Hearing [Ph]
Harmed by "Special Green Glowing Rocks" [Su]
Has Complete Trust In (Other Character) [Ps]
Hates (Group, Person, Object, Nation, or Concept) [Ps]
Headstrong [Ps]
Hedonist [Ps]
Hemophiliac [Ph]
Hesitates In Combat [Ps]
Highly Competitive [Ps]
Holds "Mortals" In Contempt [Ps]
Holds Society In Contempt [Ps]
Homesick For (Home Area) [Ps]
Honesty [Ps]
Hunts (Person or Agency) [Ps]
Hyperactive [Ps]
Illiterate [Ph]
Immature [Ps]
Impatient And Impulsive [Ps]
Impressed With (Focus's) Abilities [Ps]
Incorruptible [Ps]
Indiscreet/Gossip [Ps]
Inferiority Complex [Ps]
Insatiably Hungry For Power [Ps]
Insomnia [Ph] [Ps]
Intolerant [Ps]
Irrationally Attracted To (Other Person) [Ps]
Is Trying To Buy His Way Into Heaven [Ps]
Jealousy [Ps]
Keeps (Fact About Character) A Secret [Ps]
Kleptomania [Ps]
Know It All [Ps]
Lazy [Ps]
Lecherous [Ps]
Likes (Group, Person, Object, Nation, or Concept) [Ps]
Limited/No Physical Sense [Ph]
"Little Man" Syndrome [Ps]
Lives Beyond His Means [Ps]
Lives For The Hunt [Ps]
Lonely [Ps]
Loner [Ps]
Looks Out For Himself First [Ps]
Loud And Obnoxious [Ps]
Loves (Group, Person, Object, Nation, or Concept) [Ps]
Low Self-Esteem [Ps]
Lust For Knowledge [Ps]
Macho [Ps]
Mad As A Hatter [Ps]
Makes Friends Easily [Ps]
Manic [Ps]
Manic-Depressive [Ps]
Manipulative [Ps]
Masochistic [Ps]
Mass Murderer [Ps]
Maternal/Paternal Complex Toward (Other Character) [Ps]
Megalomania [Ps]
Mercenary Mentality [Ps]
Messiah Complex [Ps]
Methodical Planner [Ps]
Miser [Ps]
Misogynist [Ps]
Monitors (Person Or Group) [Ps]
Moody [Ps]
Morbid [Ps]
More Concerned With His Image Than Anything Else [Ps]
Multiple Personality Disorder [Ps]
Must Be Leader [Ps]
Must Complete His Mission [Ps]
Must Overcome Failure To Protect (Loved One) [Ps]
Must Protect (Person, Place, Or Thing) From (Threat) [Ps]
Must Prove He's Better Than (Person Or Group) [Ps]
Must Prove He's Right [Ps]
Mute [Ph]
Mysterious and Enigmatic [Ps]
Naïve [Ps]
Nearsighted [Ph]
Nebbish [Ph]
Needs Reading Glasses [Ph]
Never Lets Anyone Get Close [Ps]
Noblesse Oblige [Ps]
No Arms [Ph]
No Hands [Ph]
No Imagination [Ps]
No Longer Considers Himself To Be Human [Ps]
No Legs [Ph]
No Longer Identifies With Common Humanity [Ps]
No Regard For Human Life [Ps]
No Respect For The Privacy Of Others [Ps]
No Sense of Humor [Ps]
No Sense Of Smell/Taste [Ph]
Not Satisfied With Killing His Opponents [Ps]
No Understanding Of Emotions [Ps]
Obeys (Specific Leader) Without Question [Ps]
Oblivious To Authority [Ps]
Obsessed With (Person, Object, or Goal) [Ps]
Odor [Ph]
Off Switch [Ph]
Offended By (Action Or Attitude) [Ps]
Old Fashioned [Ps]
On The Edge [Ps]
One Arm [Ph]
One Eye [Ph]
One Hand [Ph]
One Leg [Ph]
Optimistic [Ps]
Outrageous Flirt [Ps]
Overanalyzes Everything [Ps]
Overconfident [Ps]
Overly Cautious [Ps]
Overly Dramatic [Ps]
Overprotective of (Group, Person, Place, Or Object) [Ps]
Overweight [Ph]
Pacifist [Ps]
Paranoia [Ps]
Paraplegia [Ph]
Passionate About (Subject) [Ps]
Perfectionist [Ps]
Permanently Altered By Intrusive Cybernetics [Ph]
Pessimitic [Ps]
Phobia [Ps]
Physically Incapable Of Interacting With Other People [Ph]
Poor Balance [Ph]
Poor Traction [Ph]
Prankster [Ps]
Preachy [Ps]
Prefers Diplomacy To Force [Ps]
Prefers Not To Kill [Ps]
Prejudiced Against (Group) [Ps]
Private/Hates Public Exposure [Ps]
Procrastinator [Ps]
Prone To Depression [Ps]
Prone To Violence [Ps]
Protective Of (Group, Person, Place, Or Object) [Ps]
Proud Of Himself [Ps]
Prude [Ps]
Psychopathic/Sociopathic [Ps]
Publicity Seeker [Ps]
Quadraplegia [Ph]
Quick To Fall In Love [Ps]
Quick To Resent [Ps]
Quiet And Withdrawn [Ps]
Quirks [Ps]
Racist [Ps]
Reckless [Ps]
Rapid Aging [Ph]
Reckless In Combat [Ps]
Recovering Alcoholic [Ps]
Refuses To Confront His Mistakes [Ps]
Refuses To Follow Orders [Ps]
Reluctant to Injure [Ps]
Reluctant to Kill [Ps]
Resents Own Stereotypical Image [Ps]
Rigid Thinker [Ps]
Rude And Inconsiderate [Ps]
Runs From Responsibility [Ps]
Ruthless In Combat [Ps]
Sadist [Ps]
Scientific Curiosity [Ps]
Seeks Proof Of The Existence Of God [Ps]
Seeks Revenge [Ps]
Seeks True Love [Ps]
Seeks "Universal Truths" [Ps]
Sees Himself As The Protector Of (Person, Group, Place, Concept, Or Object) [Ps]
Sees Most People As Annoyances [Ps]
Sees The World As Black-And-White, Good-And-Evil [Ps]
Self-Appointed Expert [Ps]
Selfish [Ps]
Selfish And Calculating [Ps]
Sense of Duty [Ps]
Sensitive About His Appearance [Ps]
Serial Killer [Ps]
Sexist [Ps]
Showboat [Ps]
Short [Ph]
Showoff [Ps]
Shy [Ps]
Signature [Ps]
Significantly Different Anatomy [Ph]
Slow Reactions [Ph]
Snobbish [Ps]
Stagefright [Ps]
Stalker [HW]
Stigmatic [Ph]
Street Loyal [Ps]
Stubborn [Ps]
Stuck Up [Ps]
Stutterer [Ph]
Sucker For A Sob Story [Ps]
Suicidal [Ps]
Superstitious [Ps]
Suspicious Of Outsiders [Ps]
Swashbuckler Mentality [Ps]
Sworn To (Perform Action Or Accomplish Goal) [Ps]
Taciturn [Ps]
Tactless [Ps]
Takes His Responsibilities Seriously [Ps]
Talkative [Ps]
Tall [Ph]
Terminally Ill [Ph]
Thinks He's A Tough Guy [Ps]
Thinks He's A Comedian [Ps]
Thrillseeker [Ps]
Tone Deaf [Ph]
Treats Normal Humans As Pawns/Cattle [Ps]
Triggerhappy [Ps]
Trusting [Ps]
Truthful [Ps]
Turns A Blind Eye To (Other Character's) Activities [Ps]
Uncomfortable In (Environmental Conditions) [Ph]
Uneducated [Ph]
Unsure Of Himself [Ps]
Ultra-Radical Feminist [Ps]
Uncomfortable In (Environmental Condition) [Ps]
Underweight [Ph]
Uses Sarcasm As A Defense Mechanism [Ps]
Vain About His Looks [Ps]
Vigilante Mentality [Ps]
Visionary [Ps]
Wanted by Local Law Enforcement Agency [HW]
Wants His/Her Life Back [Ps]
Wants To Find A Way To Rid Himself Of His Powers [Ps]
Wants To Humiliate (Other Character) [Ps]
Wants To Make The World A Better Place [Ps]
Wants To Save Humanity From Itself [Ps]
Watched by Local Law Enforcement Agency [HW]
Wierd Biochemistry Requires Special Medical Care [Ph]
Wierdness Magnet [Ph]
Wildly Exaggerates [Ps]
Will Never Abandon His Subordinates [Ps]
Will Never Admit (Secret About Himself) [Ps]
Will Never Break His Word [Ps]
Will Not Harm (Specific Opponent) [Ps]
Will Not Kill [Ps]
Will Not Refuse A Mission [Ps]
Will Not Strike Hand-To-Hand Blows [Ps]
Will Not Surrender [Ps]
Will Only Fight In Self-Defense [Ps]
Will Sacrifice Himself For (Other Person) [Ps]
Will Try Anything Once [Ps]
Wiseguy [Ps]
Womanizer [Ps]
Worrier [Ps]
Worried About The Effects His Powers Have On Other People [Ps]
Xenophile [Ps]
Young [Ph]
Young [Ps]